Dice Tower Staff

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Thanks to all these great folks for making the Dice Tower a top quality show!


Jon Crumpler - Puts together the enhanced version of the podcast.
Dexter and the Chief - Segment contributor

Geoff Engelstein
- "Gametech" segment contributor.
Moritz Eggert - Segment contributor
Father Geek - Segment Contributor
Sam Healey - Former co-host, segment contributor
Eric Herman - Show Contributor (dice!)
Trent Howell - Contributor
Brad Keen - Promotions Director
Ryan Metzler - Contributor
Timothy Pinkham - Theme Composer
Mary Prasad - Segment Contributor
Giles Pritchard - "In the Shed" segment contributor
Jim Reed - Show Notes; Interviewer; Reviewer
Robert Searing - Maintains Web Site / Graphic Designer / Grunt Work
Joe Steadman - Former Co-host, segment contributor on wargames; Reviewer
Ryan Sturm- "How To Play" Podcast
    Mark Zielinski - Wargame and family segment contributor, interviewer