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April 16, 2018
Posted by Rob Searing

Jason interviews several notable people in the gaming industry, asking YOUR questions!

Join us live! In this episode:

Ignacy Trzewiczek (designer and publisher - Portal Games)

Friedemann Friese (designer and publisher - 2F Games)

Josh Githens (publisher - CGE Games)

January 5, 2018
Posted by Anonymous (not verified)

We are very excited to be joined once again by Ignacy Trzewiczek, president of Portal Games. Ignacy joined us last year to talk about the pre-order campaign for First Martians. This time, he’s back to talk about the launch, future content, and yes... the rulebook. We think you will be very interested to hear Ignacy give his honest opinions.

November 25, 2017
Posted by Anonymous (not verified)

Ignacy Trzewiczek discusses the latest from Portal Games!

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July 26, 2016
Posted by Anonymous (not verified)

In this episode, we have two interviews with game designers. Our first is with the brother design team, Adam and Brady Sadler.

July 22, 2016
Posted by Anonymous (not verified)

Tom Vasel hosts the Designer's Q&A Panel at Dice Tower Con V 2016 featuring Robert Burke, Richard Launius, Richard Borg, Mike Fitzgerald, Ignacy Trzewiczek, and Eric Lang!

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April 12, 2016
Posted by Anonymous (not verified)

Tom is joined by Steven Buonocore, Ignacy from Portal Games, Ted Alspach, Mike Fitzgerald, Zee Garcia, and Jason Levine and more for a time of live questions and answers!

Ask your questions here!

March 22, 2016
Posted by Anonymous (not verified)
Time for our yearly visit with Ignacy Trzewiczek and as always, it was a blast. He was upfront with the plans at Portal games this year and talked to us about 51st State, Cry Havoc and the new game Crazy Karts that was announced at GAMA 2016. We also got to share in a designing session with Ignacy on the challenges he is facing with First Martians. Our input might get us some credit on the box.
January 26, 2016
Posted by Anonymous (not verified)
A lot of people will make lists of their favorite games from the previous year and we are no different, sorry. But, we thought how could we differentiate our best of 2015 from other lists that are out there. And so, The Squirrelys were born. That is right,  a show that celebrates our best games from 2015 based on topics that only we would come up with.
September 1, 2015
Posted by Rob Searing

Board Games Insider is a biweekly podcast brought to you by industry veterans Ignacy Trzewiczek, President of Portal Games, and Stephen Buonocore, President of Stronghold Games. Board Games Insider is intended for those who want to gain insight into the Hobby Board Game Ind

August 20, 2015
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Join Zee Garcia and company on episode 13 of Board Game Blender!

Show Notes:

0:00 Intro
3:25 Board of Education (w/ Tiff)
7:22 The Bargain Ben (w/ Ben and Kirsten)
10:53 Pro Neutral Con (w/ Jon)
13:36 Exactly Ten Second Reviews (w/ Chaz Marler)
13:54 The Suzanne Plan
17:00 Bored Online? Board Offline!
20:46 The Quirky Game