The Dice Tower Gaming Awards

The purpose of the awards is to:

- Encourage new developments and innovations in the board game industry.
- Promote board and card games to a larger audience
- Award the best games in different categories released each year.
- Present a slate of games with wide appeal from a variety of genres.
- Point out games that are simply fun!

The BEST GAME OF THE YEAR award goes to a game that is the "cream of the crop", the one game which a sense defines the year in gaming.

This is a combined result of the games' physical presentation, strategic choices, and most of all - a sense of fun.


  One of the goals of these awards is to recognize the "gem in the rough", a game that may not get the press others do. The SMALL PUBLISHER award recognizes the best game from any publisher with five or fewer published games.


Elfinworks (Kingsburg)

Flying Frog Productions (Last Night on Earth)

Pilot Games (Duel in the Dark) - *

Portal Games (Neuroshima Hex)

Smirk and Dagger Games (Cutthroat Caverns) - W


  To promote a constant influx of new ideas into the industry, the NEW DESIGNER award is presented to the best designer with their first or second published game.


David Rakoto & Sebastien Gigaudaut (Cold War: CIA vs KGB)- *

Friedemann DePedro (Duel in the Dark) - W

Yehuda Berlinger (It's Alive!)

Heinrik & Ase Berg (Oregon)

Vladimir Suchy (League of Six)


  BEST REPRINT will go the company who has reprinted an older game with the best updated rules and/or components.


Caylus - Limited Edition

Fire & Axe - *

Hannibal: Rome vs. Carthage

Princes of Florence

Thebes - W


  The MOST INNOVATIVE award goes to the tabletop game that has a fresh, interesting mechanic driving the game. It is a game that will likely have future effects in the industry.


  The BEST EXPANSION award is given to the add-on to a game that increases variety, fun, and more strategic options. This is one expansion that owners of th original game should rush to buy.


A Shattered Empire (Twilight Imperium)

Switzerland (Ticket to Ride)

Call to Arms (Battlelore) - *

Air Pack (Memoir ' 44) - W

Yakuzas (Ca$h 'n Gun$)



BEST ARTWORK will go to the artist and game which have best brought the theme to life - via the box and components.


Chateau Roquefort - *


Duel in the Dark

Race for the Galaxy

Starcraft - W


  The BEST FAMILY GAME is the one game that can best be used to introduce new folks into the gaming hobby. It is a game with a low barrier to entry, but emphasizes fun and easy strategies. It is not necessarily the most strategic, but emphasizes a game that is fun for the entire family. Game components are of a high quality, and the game should appeal to a wide range of ages.



Winners are in yellow, and the runner-up is designated by a *

Award Policies and the Voting Committee

Award design by
Jonathan Dietrich