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#301 09 Apr 2013
In this episode of the Dice Tower, we return to normalcy. Well, mostly - Geoff joins us to talk about white noise, Brian returns with Cult of the Old, and we have a new contributor - Tish - who discusses gaming on a budget. We discuss Al Rashid, Lord of the Rings Dice Building Game and more - and talk a bit about Tabletop Gaming Day. News, a Tale of Horror, and Musings On all come before our question of the week - "Have you ever thrown a game away, and why?"
#302 15 Apr 2013
Political Games In this episode, we take a look at Galaxy Trucker, Legends of Andor, Beer & Vikings, Wiz-War, and more! We start a new contest, answer a pile of questions, and end the show talking about our top ten political board games.
#303 30 Apr 2013
In this episode, we discuss the future of the Dice Tower, have another tale of horror, and listen to Geoff talk about noise. A new segment from Jude, as well as a look at Krosmaster, Star Wars: the Card Game, and the expansion for Blood Bowl: Team Manager. Finally, we end the show asking the question - what to do with expansion boxes?
#304 07 May 2013
Good Artwork Tom and Eric move into their new digs at Coolstuff, Inc., and talk about several new games - including Cutthroat Caverns: Fresh Meat, Arctic Scavengers, Restuarante Italia, City of Remnants, For the Crown, and Battleship: Hidden Threat. We also have a tale of horror, continue a contest, and answer a pile of questions. We end the show talking about our top ten games according to the artwork on the game board and cards. Oooh, pretty!
#305 14 May 2013
In this show, Tom and Eric talk about Eclipse for the iOS, the Second Summoners, Space Dice, Diplomacy by web, Quartifacts and more! Tom talks about a possible new game design, Geoff about Buddha's List of Games, Giles about Game Authors, and Jude about Gamification levels. All this, plust the news, a tale of horror, our Origins plans and more! We finally end the show talking about whether or not we use strategy guides for games.
#306 21 May 2013
Hybrid Games In this episode, Tom and Eric talk about City of Iron, 8 Minute Empire, Tzolkin, Bean Trader, and Age of Industry. Tom also reviews the book Monopoly, Money, and You. We answer a pile of questions, including whether or not our favorite games have flaws - and finish up the show with out top ten hybrid games - games that are mashups between unusual mechanisms.
#307 29 May 2013
Huzzah - a few hours late - but here's the show! In this episode, Eric and Tom take a look at Firenze, Mousqetaires du Roy, Tenka, and Eight-Minute Empire. Tom also previews Xia: Legends of a Drift Symbol, and Eric tries to scare us. Brian takes a look back at Dark Tower, we discuss the nominees for the Spiel des Jahres, and we finally answer the question - "Do we judge games by their covers?"
#308 04 Jun 2013
Mean & Nasty Games In this show, we talk about Ace Detective, Lady Alice, Coup, Monopoly Deal, and more! We answer a pile of questions, and Geoff talks about just what makes a game "mean and nasty." We end the show with our top ten mean and nasty games.
#309 11 Jun 2013
In this show, we talk about our board and card game collections. Are they too big? And Tom talks about how he chooses which games to "cull." Mary talks about gaming accessories, Tish about the Cult of the New, Brian about Crude, and Geoff about killing mice. Eric finally plays Monopoly Tropical Tycoon and Tom reviews Viticulture, along with several other games. We finish up with another tale of horror.
#310 18 Jun 2013
Deck Building Games In this show, we talk about a pile of expansions, Wasabi, Bang, and Antike Duellum. We answer a pile of questions - such as where the modern day boardgaming movement began, what we think about feeding people, and more! Finally, we end the show with our top ten deckbuilding games!
#311 25 Jun 2013
We had so much to talk about from the Origins Game Fair that it filled up the entire episode. And then some. In this episode, we talk about games we saw, publishers's new offerings, folks we met, and more! We also hear from Brian Counter, and a fantastic new song by Michael Rudmann.
#312 02 Jul 2013
Turkey Games We have a special guest on this show - causing us to give triple the amount of fun! Board games we've played recently - including The Duke and the Spiel des Jahres nominees (Qwixx, Augustus, and Hanabi). We also answer a lot of questions, and give our top ten "turkeys" - games that simply aren't as enjoyable as they once were.
#313 10 Jul 2013
Recorded live at Dice Tower Convention 2013, Tom and Eric - along with a host of others, take a look at the nominations and winners for the Dice Tower Awards for the year 2012.
#314 23 Jul 2013
KickStarter Games Tom and Eric do a show live from the Dice Tower Convention 2013! We start out with reviews of a few games, including Gearworld, then move into questions. We are visited by Brian, Tish, and the Party Gamecast. Finally, we talk about our top ten Kickstarter games!
#315 30 Jul 2013
In this show, Eric and Tom talk about Forbidden Desert, Diplomacy, My Happy Farm, ROFL, The Hobbit, and more! Eric punks Tom, Greg returns with a flourish to talk about game cafes, and Geoff talks about the power of one. We talk about Kickstarters gone bad, Brian returns to Cult of the Old, and we have another tale of horror. Finally, we end the show talking about both good and bad boxes for games.
#316 06 Aug 2013
In this show, we go through listener questions about GenCon, talking about what people might expect when going to the convention. Then, Jamie, Chris, Tony, Eric, and Tom give our top ten games we are looking forward to trying out at the convention. One week!!!
#317 13 Aug 2013
Abstract Games In this show we once again tackle our huge pile of questions, as well as listen to another tale of horror. We talk about recently played games, such as Island Fortress, Hanabi, Railways Express, and Castle Dice. We also start a new, mega-contest, as well as discuss our favorite abstract strategy games.
#318 20 Aug 2013
In this show, recorded live at GenCon 2013, we are joined by Zee Garcia and several other Dice Tower contributors. Geoff gives the best GameTech segment ever, Steve Avery and Tom talk about Nothing Personal, we discuss several new games including Lost Legends, Kings of Artiface, Eldritch Horror, Dread Curse, and more! We take live questions from the audience, give some news, and generally have the time of our lives!
#319 27 Aug 2013
In this episode, Eric and I take a look at Gen Con 2013, talk about the convention as a whole, and then discuss our adventures in playing True Dungeon. We review the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game, Heart of Glorm for Mice and Mystics, Firefly, the new Pandemic Expansion, and more! Giles rallies the tribe, Jude examines gaming outreach, and a new contributor talks about Gem Rush. And don't forget our epic contest!
#320 03 Sep 2013
In this show, Tom talks with Stephen Buonocore of Stronghold Games, Geoff Englestein - designer of Space Cadets, Richard Launius - designer of Arkham Horror, Rob Daviau - designer of Risk Legacy, and ignacy Trzewiczek - publisher of Portal Games. Recorded before a live audience who asked questions - we look into what makes a successful designer.