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Board Gamers Anonymous is an audio podcast about the tabletop hobby, covering card games, board games, and miniature games and the insane fun we have at the table together. Every two weeks BGA's hosts cover which games are triggering their acquisition disorders, what's been hitting the table, and whether the biggest new release is a buy, a play, or a dodge. The BGA crew strives to talk not only about what makes a game good, but the experiences that these games can give us and why they keep us coming back. As always, we have a seat saved just for you, so join us!

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In this week's episode, we look back at the games of Origins Game Fair 2017. We highlight 15 different games that were hot this year, including several that released at the game fair, and several more that will be releasing over the summer and at Gen Con in August. 

Additional, Anthony looks at his upcoming acquisition disorder with Ex Libris from Renegade Games, and Chris digs into Betrayal at Baldur's Gate. We also dig into reviews of Ethnos and Lisboa - two games we had a chance to pick up and play at Origins. 


Chris and Anthony are back with BGA - this week looking at our top 10 two player games. These games are the perfect fit for those quiet game nights alone with a significant other, filler when you get left out of the large game group between big plays, or when on the road at a con. 

Plus, we're looking at Acquisition Disorders with The Godfather from CMON and The Thing: Infection at Outpost 31, one of which we spotted at Origins this past week. We also dig into recent plays of Gekido Battle Bots and Sushi Go Party! with At the Table reviews. 


Will there one board game to rule them all or is the force strongest with planet hopping adventures? 

This week Anthony and Chris answer one of the great questions of nerddom - Lord of the Rings or Star Wars? Or at least, we try to answer it within the context of two games - War of the Ring and Star Wars Rebellion. 

We'll be digging into the nitty gritty of both of these behemoth asymmetrical 2-4 player pop culture simulators, with plenty of opinions on all of their aspects. 


This week, Anthony and Chris dig into 6 games you might like if you're currently pining for Gloomhaven. These are games that use some of the same unique mechanisms, twists on familiar mechanics and more to provide an engrossing gameplay experience. 

Also this week, Anthony and Chris preview Archmage, coming to Kickstarter soon and Manhattan Project 2: Minutes to Minute, and review Sagrada and Quartz. 



We're back with episode 119 of Board Gamers Anonymous, this week looking at the top games currently on BGG, why they're there and what you should be keeping an eye out for. 

First up we hit our acquisition disorders and look at The Expanse and Card City XL, two upcoming games that we're both keeping an eye out for. Then we dive into our recent plays, including The Ruhr Valley expansion for Haspelknecht and Railroad Revolution. 


This week, we're looking at the top board game apps currently available for your phone or tablet. 2017 has been a huge year for board game apps, and it's only becoming more common for hot new games to go digital. 

In additional, Anthony and Chris take a look at some recent acquisition disorders with Too Many Bones and The Arrival from Martin Wallace. We also review Shahrazad and Yokohama. 


This week, we're bringing back an oldie but a goodie - our VS feature. With the success of the recent Champions of Midgard Kickstarter, we wanted to see which of the fantasy themed worker placement games with super tall vertical boards came out on top - Lords of Waterdeep or Champions of Midgard. 

In addition, we discuss acquisition disorders such as Barenpark and Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game, and our recent play throughs of Kingdomino and Celestia. 


This week on BGA, Anthony and Chris discuss games you might like if you also like Terraforming Mars, one of the biggest games of 2016. We'll dive into a pair of themes and mechanics that capture what makes this game so much fun so you can expand your library if you love Terraforming Mars. 

We also dig into a couple of recent Acquisition Disorders, including Caverna's two player version and races expansion, plus Yamatai. And at the table this week we're talking about Antike II and Russian Railroads: German Railroads expansion. 


This week, we're digging into some of the games that have come out in the last 3 years that are worth a place in your essential games collection. Chris and Anthony both pick one game each from light, medium, and heavy weight euros to help you pick up some games that fit your next game night and that will always have a good place at the table. 

In addition to our weekly feature, Anthony digs into the Kickstarter for Brass: Lancashire and Brass: Birmingham, and Chris investigates Petrichor. We then discuss recent plays of Unfair and Fresco with its big box modules. 


BGA is back! And we're bringing the hotness (literally!) For episode 114, we have a few surprises in store, including an all new presentation and schedule. Be sure to check out the podcast and subscribe if you haven't yet. 

On this week's episode, we look at some of our recent plays and the games we're eager to get to the table soon, then we dive into the BGG Hotness for April 2017 - which games are hot, why are they there, and what should you expect from them? 

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