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Boards & Swords - A podcast about board games, card games, and other tabletop games. Every other week, Chris Renshaw sits down and talks about his experiences discovering new and cool games. Each episode, expect to hear great tales ranging from Magic: The Gathering to Dungeons & Dragons. Also, each episode Chris breaks down one board game so that everyone understands the basics of the game.

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It's that time again - a new Magic The Gathering set is about to release which means I spend an episode breaking down the set and talk about all of the cool things coming!  Next week, we'll be back to a normal episode again - I've already got a LOT of Board Game stuff to talk about!

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This week, its a special edition episode talking about all my board game related experiences at Pax East!  Don't worry, the Journey into Nyx Pre-release episode is still coming this weekend, but I recorded this last week and just haven't had the spare time to put it out!  I hope you guys enjoy it!

What?  An episode early?  What's this all about?  Well I couldn't let a day like International TableTop Day come around and NOT talk about it!  So listen to a short episode where I talk about my Tabletop Day experience and the games we played - send me an email with what you played! Board Games International Tabletop Day!!!!!

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