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How do gamers raise the next generation of geeks? How do you play games with your children without drowning in the monotony of CandyLand? How do you introduce your children to video games responsibly? Join Andrew and Anitra as they discuss gaming as a family with their three children. Listen to stories of their past, their successes and failures, and learn from their experiences. Mix this in with some giveaways, commentary about new stuff on the market, and a couple of interviews and you have The Family Gamers Podcast! If you're enjoying the show, please don't forget to leave a review, share with yoru friends, and subscribe!

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This past weekend, The Family Gamers attended Granite Game Summit in Nashua, NH. We give you an overview of what we played, plus three interviews with designers and publishers! Giveaway But first, congratulations to the winners of our survey giveaway! The Ecret Family (CA) The Nelson Family (OR) Elena in Southern California The Mercer Family (GA) The DeVries Family (central


Special guests join us this week – our children Claire and Asher! We talk about some of the games they’ve been playing, and a little bit about self-control in losing. What We’ve Been Playing: Sushi Go Party! Lanterns: The Harvest Festival Rolling America Welcome to DinoWorld – a print and play game available here. What’s Up – still delightful. Pocket


We’re talking this week with Ryan & Erin Gutowski and Ric White, the people behind One Board Family website. Why do they play games? What are a few of their (and our) favorites? This podcast episode happened because of a football bet. Andrew bet Ryan that the New England Patriots would beat the Jacksonville Jaguars in the playoffs. We’re glad

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We’re revisiting the topic of two player gaming. Plus, two items of news that will affect board gamers across the United States. One last thing we did, not a game: We visited the New Hampshire Ice Castles. It was cool.


Mayfair Games is closing. They have sold the rights to all their games to Asmodee North America.


We interview Josh Patton, Josh Wegner, and Theresa Wegner. The three friends created Animo, a card game currently on Kickstarter. Animo was born out of a desire to create something beneficial for their kids. They were especially interested in trading cards (baseball, football, Pokemon, etc.) and even memorized many of the attributes.

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Welcome to the Family Gamers Podcast! This week, we talk about a few of our favorite role-playing games, as well as what we’ve been playing, backtalk, and Andrew’s most recent “for science!” adventure.

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This week, we are talking to Chris Leder (Director of Fun at Calliope Games) and Ken Franklin (designer of The Mansky Caper). Listen in on our discussion of their new game The Mansky Caper as well as what both of their families do for fun.

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What makes a game fun? Andrew and Anitra explore this topic. Although many games are enjoyable, we are trying to call out games that are fun in the moment.

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David Wilkinson is the designer of Castles of Caladale, a unique tile-laying game, designed with family play in mind. Castles of Caladale was published last March by Renegade Games. We were first introduced to it at PAX Unplugged.

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No interview this week, but we have some announcements we wanted to get out, so this is a very short episode. Backtalk: If you or your kids had a snow day this past week, what games did you play? Announcement 1: Sponsor! TFG podcast will be sponsored by Wild East Games for all of 2018. We’ve been a fan of

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