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How do gamers raise the next generation of geeks? How do you play games with your children without drowning in the monotony of CandyLand? How do you introduce your children to video games responsibly? Join Andrew and Anitra as they discuss gaming as a family with their three children. Listen to stories of their past, their successes and failures, and learn from their experiences. Mix this in with some giveaways, commentary about new stuff on the market, and a couple of interviews and you have The Family Gamers Podcast! If you're enjoying the show, please don't forget to leave a review, share with yoru friends, and subscribe!

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David Wilkinson is the designer of Castles of Caladale, a unique tile-laying game, designed with family play in mind. Castles of Caladale was published last March by Renegade Games. We were first introduced to it at PAX Unplugged. The original design was inspired by Dave’s youngest son, who was using big chunky wooden blocks to build towers and castles while

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No interview this week, but we have some announcements we wanted to get out, so this is a very short episode. Backtalk: If you or your kids had a snow day this past week, what games did you play? Announcement 1: Sponsor! TFG podcast will be sponsored by Wild East Games for all of 2018. We’ve been a fan of

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We’re back! As the first show of 2018, we wanted to share our top games from 2017. Return of special guests Claire and Asher, who share their favorites as well. Note: These games are our favorites of the year, not necessarily the most critically-acclaimed. But first, what we’ve been playing! We had some concentrated tabletop game time in the week

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This week, we talk to Isaac Shalev, co-designer of one of our new favorite games: Seikatsu. Isaac co-designed Seikatsu with Matt Loomis, with art from Peter Wocken. “All the players will score all the tiles, but they will do it differently.” Isaac and Matt played around with this mechanism for a while before settling on the 3-axes, different perspectives idea


On the road again… just can’t wait to get on the road again… We’ve talked before about screen time and setting limits. (All the way back in episodes 3 and 4!) But we’ve been doing a lot of traveling over the past month, and wanted to acknowledge that the rules change when we are away from home.

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This week, we’re bringing you all the interviews we recorded at PAX Unplugged. There are a lot of interviews, so it’s another extra-long show. But first, some special guests – Asher and Claire! Asher’s favorites: Lazer Ryderz, The Grimm Forest, Sentinels of the Multiverse RPG Claire’s favorites: Sumer and BLANK ...

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We have a jam-packed podcast for you this week! Tons of information about PAX Unplugged, plus a few extra games from before and after the convention.

We mostly followed our own advice from episode 70, especially about following up with our kids about what worked and what didn’t at the end of Friday. This allowed us to back off on Saturday and everyone had a better time.

Because this is such a long podcast, we’ve added timestamps, to make it easier to skip to the content you are most interested in.


This week’s podcast, we talk to Brian and Jill Bollinger from Wild East Games. We have mentioned their games Pie Rats of the Carob Bean Farm and Pitman in previous episodes. They have a new expansion for Pie Rats, out on Kickstarter now.

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year – time for board game presents! If you’re wondering what to get the gamer(s) in your life, we can help. We recently put together our holiday gift guide. For this year’s complete list, go to thefamilygamers.com/holiday2017 But first! Anitra shares a random math fact she just learned regarding factorials and prime numbers.

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It’s time for another interview! This week, we’re talking to Jason Kotarski from Green Couch Games. Their new game Best Treehouse Ever: Forest of Fun is on Kickstarter now. The new game is a stand alone game, but it can be combined with the original Best Treehouse Ever to play with up to 8 players.

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