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4 friends, 3 age demographics, 2 genders, 1 argument. Join the RPGer, number cruncher, neophyte, and the alpha gamer biweekly as we analyze one board game at a time.

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Four Corners Episodes


We are back with our 75th episode! As usual, we start off with some recent plays :


Ticket To Ride : Wild West

Space Base

We then go into the main topic of discussion, Council of Four. This is a game Graeme has wanted since he saw the original a few years ago, and with CMON reprinting it he wanted to get it to the table. What did everybody think of the game? What about the theme and mechanisms in the game? Was it worth the wait for Graeme?


In this episode Dean and Graeme have a look at Cooperative games. Do we favour one type over another? Do we prefer Co-op to competitive? What makes a good co-op game? What about the alpha gamer problem?

We then have a look at our Top 5 Co-Op games.


We start like we normally do, but with all 4 of us, and back on schedule! Wow! We look at some recent plays :

Star Trek Ascendancy
Dice Brewing
Demon Worker
1960 : The making of a president
Village of Horror
Escape Rooms


In this episode Dean and Graeme look at our least favourite mechanisms (or mechanics if you prefer).

We discuss mechanisms in games, and do we avoid or insta-buy games based solely on mechanisms?

We then do our Top 5 Least Favourite Mechanisms but with a Game we like the Mechanisms in (ok, it sounds confusing, but listen to the episode to find out what I mean!)


We are all back together (mostly) - but we still managed to be a week late on this podcast. We start off the podcast by looking at some games we were able to play

Whitehall Mystery
7th Continent

We then have a deep dive into Noria. We start off with theme (?) and components, and we talk about the main mechanisms of the game - the very interesting player wheel and the "stock market". What did we think of the game? Listen to find out how high (or low) Noria reached?


Dean and Graeme have a look at gamer envy/jealousy. We start off by talking about shelfies - are they to make people jealous of your collection? Have we felt envious of a game/kickstarter/blinged game? What about people going to cons?

We then do our top 5 Games in the other person collection we wish we had in ours.


On this episode, Dean and Graeme look at mastering games. What does that mean to us? Have we mastered any games? What does mastering a game mean to the enjoyment of a game?

We then do our Top 5 Games We Want to Master.


We are a week late and a host short! Graeme just got back from vacation and Lella just left for vacation so this episode is a little later than planed.
Needless to say we start by talking about some games we've played :

Ticket to Ride France and Old West
Orphans and Ashes
Saboteur 2
Mechs vs. Minions
Twilight Imperium 4
Good Society


This episode Dean and Graeme look at our collections and collecting in general. How big are our collections? Will we ever stop? Do we have a goal in mind? Do we sell/trade/donate games?

We finish with the top 5 games that will never leave our collections.


Well, we promised it, so here it is, our spoiler filled review of Charterstone! But before we get to that, we talk about some other games we've played :

Tavern Masters

Who should we eat

Gentleman’s Deal

Raiders of the North Sea

We then get to Charterstone - WARNING : THERE BE SPOILERS AHEAD. We talk about all aspects of the game which I will not list here. We then give our final thoughts on this legacy game.