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We just flew back from Dice Tower Con 2017, and boy, have we got games to talk about!

We do a quick review of a large number of games this episode, then finish with our favourite part of the con.

Captain Sonar
Plague Inc.
Grimm Forest
Watch the Skys
Cthuhulu Wars
Codenames Duet
Unlock Sausage and Squeak
Gravity Warfare
Manhatten Project Energy Empire
Lorenzo il Magnifico
Word Slam
Times Up!


We've just got back from Origins, and have we got some games to tell you about! We start off talking about a few games we played before we went.


Then we get into games we got to play at origins. We tried to play a bit of everything - big publisher games, kickstarter games that will soon be going out to backers, and small publisher games.


Heir to the Throne

Psychological Warfare

Affliction Salem 1692


We review a light euro game called In the Name of Odin, but first we have a look at some games we've played over the last few weeks :


The Colonists


Perdition’s Mouth

Food Chain Magnate

Sea of Clouds

Mythos Tales


We have a look at a heavy-ish euro this time called Solarius Mission and something else by the green guy, but first we talk about a few games we've played, and it turns into a mini look back.

7 Wonders




For our first official tri-weekly podcast we are looking at the game The Networks. First we talk about our trip to Snakes and Lattes to meet some of the Gathering of Friends people, and the games we played.

Harry Potter Deck Builder


No Siesta




Arcane Academy



It's been longer than it should have been for this podcast, and what happened to the intro? This week we look at First Class. But first we look at some games we played including our time at Breakout Con in Toronto.

Formula D

Fury of Dracula

Kilt Castle


Arkham Horror the Card Game

The Speicherstadt




We visited a local con called Play and Pub and we quickly talk about the games we've played there, followed by our regular report of published games we've played.

We have a quick look at :

Please Drive Through

Poisoner's Guild

Synx Trap and the Larklamp

Camelot 101

Mercenaries of the Right

Random Encounter Plains of the Troll king

First Class

Mission Red Planet



We start off this episode by looking at some games we've played :

Solaris Mission



Food Chain Magnate

Electronic Stop Thief! (prototype)

We then get into Cry Havoc. We discuss many aspects of the game : are all the races balanced? What about the skills? Is it OK to have a game that is unbalanced? Who is this game for? Would we recommend this game? Does it have a run away leader problem? Are the trogs fun to play? Are they over powered? As usual there are vastly different opinions on this game


We have a look at Inis in this episode, but first we look at some games we've played over the last few weeks, including

Secrets of the Lost Tomb

Black Orchestra


Starfall (quick revisit)


Happy New Year! In this episode we do our yearly tradition of looking back at all the 2016 games we've played in 2016 (well, atleast all the ones Graeme owns). Each is presorted into a ok, good, or great pile and then we have a very quick discussion on why (of course there are some disagreements, why wouldn't there be).

We then finish off the podcast with our game of the year and a runner up - these are the games that we feel are the ones to have in your collection from 2016.