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The Game Pit is a board game podcast based out of London, UK. Hosted by Sean and Ronan, every two weeks they discuss tabletop games which have fallen into the pit whether it be ‘Picking over the Bones’ of new and older releases, going on a ‘Treasure Hunt’ by previewing upcoming releases, sorting out the best from the rest in ‘The Vault’ or contrasting similar games in ‘Pit Fight’. Sean enjoys thematic games and gaming bling while Ronan likes to delve into the mechanisms of a game and enjoys the social interaction in tabletop gaming. These contrasting viewpoints lead to some lively discussions.

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We’re back with a bumper Picking Over the Bones episode where we look at some of the latest big releases and have a prize draw for you.

The games covered are Fallout, Civilizations: New Dawn, A Column of Fire, Reworld, Empires of the Void 2 and Tulip Bubble.


Listen out in the middle of the show for a chance to win a copy of Coup (Brazilian art edition), donated by the Boardgame Guru - http://www.boardgameguru.co.uk/



Ronan and Sean return to give quicker reviews of quicker games as they look back at games they played with friends and family over the winter holidays. In all eighteen games are weighed, measured and judged. Some to find a place in Gaming Glory and others to be trodden into the dirt of gaming obscurity. 

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Sean and Ronan have decided to try and join the popular 10 x 10 Challenge for the year. In Episode 106 they list the twenty games they have chosen to try and play at least ten times over the next twelve months to try and explore the hidden depths of strategy and fun.

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This episode sees Ronan and Sean pick over the bones of Bunny Kingdom, Ex Libris, Montana and three other games.

Also in the show, we call on all our listeners to send in questions so we can include them in our delayed and horribly out of sequence Episode 100. If you want to take part, please send your question to: thegamepitpodcast@gmail.com

Finally we’d like to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and the very best of fortune in 2018!


Ronan and Eleanor take a spin in the booth to cover nine Spiel 2017 releases in record time. Join them for their run through to find out if they uncovered treasures or got trapped at the table.

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Sean and Ronan get together to discuss six of the games they picked up in Essen at Spiel 2017. Featured are Otys, Azul, Dragonsgate College, Bali, Deadline and Speed Colours. 

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Sean and Ronan sit down after three busy days in Essen and give you first impressions on six games they have played. The episode was recorded as live so please forgive any sound or editing issues.


Ronan reports back from a frantic first day at Spiel 2017 during which travel troubles curtailed The Pit’s presence in the halls but he still manages to report on five games he has played. 


On the eve of Spiel 2017 Sean and Ronan give you twelve more opinions on games releasing at the show. Each game is discussed and then they both let you know whether the game will be a treasure to fill your gaming shelf with delight or a trap to lure in the unwary. 

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Sean and Ronan continue the countdown to Essen by digging into twelve more games releasing at Spiel 2017 and give you their opinions on whether they will uncover Treasures or Traps.

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