Dice Tower Network Podcast: The Snakescast

The world of tabletop games is a lot bigger than most people realize. In fact it's so big that the idea of investigating it can actually be kind of intimidating. When you see all those games you've never heard of, with rules and concepts and themes you've never seen before in a game, it's hard to know where to start.

The answer is: start with the SnakesCast. Every week, we'll bring you ten or fifteen minutes' worth of banter about what makes these games worth playing. With a different theme every episode and a rotating cast of both gurus and non-gurus from Toronto's premiere boardgame café, we'll show you just how much there is to play with out there.

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The Snakescast Episodes


Week one of 20th-Century Classics month!

Board games grew into the form we know and love today during their formative years in the previous century. Some games from that era have endured and are played by millions the world over to this day. This month we'll take a look at some of the most famous of them all from the perspective of the game gurus. First up: Monopoly!


An introduction to a small category of really big games

Some games have big themes, and few are bigger than the building of an entire civilization. These games give you the chance to lead your people to greatness through exploration, culture, discovery and conquest, but they can be intimidating for the uninitiated. Have a listen and see if this venerable genre might hold some appeal for you.


So you've played Cards Against Humanity. What next?

"Cards Against Humanity" might just be a random collection of cards with weird and offensive things printed on them, but it's also the most popular game at Snakes & Lattes. Longevity isn't exactly its strong suit, though. So how can you keep it interesting after you've played a few times?