Designed by: Donald X. Vaccarino
Players: 2-4
Published by: 999 GamesAlbiBard Centrum Giercutia.roDevirFilosofia ÉditionGém Klub Kft.Hans im Glück Verlags-GmbHHobby JapanHobby WorldKaissa Chess & GamesKoreaboardgamesLautapelit.fiMartinexRio Grande GamesRunadrakeSchmidt SpieleSmart LtdStupor MundiSwan Panasia Co., Ltd.Vennerød Forlag ASYstari Games
Year Published: 2008
Recommended Ages: 8+
Time to Play: 30 minutes
Seal of Excellence
2008 Best Game of the Year Winner
2008 Best New Designer Winner
2008 Most Innovative Game Nominee

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