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Twenty-Five Most Recently Edited Game Reviews

Name Reviewer Reviewed On Publisher Designer Published In Rating
Descent: Journeys in the Dark (Second Edition) – Lair of the Wyrm Tom Vasel23 Apr 2014Fantasy Flight GamesBrady Sadler, Adam Sadler20126.5
Lords of Vegas: UP! Game Boy Geek23 Apr 2014Mayfair GamesJames Ernest, Mike Selinker20149
Stratagem, Preview Game Boy Geek22 Apr 20146th Gear GamesJames O'Reilly2014
Andean Abyss The Chief22 Apr 2014GMT GamesVolko Ruhnke20128
Shadow Shift Gamer's Remorse22 Apr 2014The Game Crafter, LLCKedric Winks2013
Lords of Waterdeep Board Game Knights22 Apr 2014Wizards of the CoastPeter Lee, Rodney Thompson20125
Pyg Farmer, Preview Ryan Metzler21 Apr 2014(Self-published)Rich Nelson
20 Express The Vasel Girls18 Apr 2014Moonster GamesYoshihisa Itsubaki20116
Damage Report Tom and Melody Vasel18 Apr 2014Break From Reality GamesAlex Barbieri20137.5
Lords of Vegas: UP! Tom Vasel18 Apr 2014Mayfair GamesJames Ernest, Mike Selinker20147
Asante Tom Vasel18 Apr 2014Z-Man GamesRüdiger Dorn20138
Hawken Real-Time Card Game Tom Vasel18 Apr 2014Cryptozoic EntertainmentMatt Hyra20147
Mr. Card Game Tom Vasel16 Apr 2014Evertide GamesRichard James, Graydon Schlichter20147
Targi Tom Vasel16 Apr 2014Z-Man GamesAndreas Steiger20128
Mission: Combat! Tom Vasel16 Apr 2014Smiling Monster GamesSebastian Seifferth20137
Tales & Games: Baba Yaga Tom and Ruby Vasel16 Apr 2014IELLOJérémie Caplanne20136
Common Ground Tom Vasel16 Apr 2014CommonGroundTheGame, LLC (Doug Landman)20135
Lewis & Clark 15 Apr 2014LudonauteCédrick Chaboussit20136.5
1775: Rebellion Mike Vincent15 Apr 2014Academy GamesBeau Beckett, Jeph Stahl20137.5
Think Again! Game Boy Geek15 Apr 2014IELLO, Le Scorpion MasquéBruno Cathala, Ludovic Maublanc20127.5
Dwarf King Game Boy Geek15 Apr 2014IELLOBruno Faidutti20117
Forbidden Desert Board Game Knights15 Apr 2014GamewrightMatt Leacock2013
Castles of Burgundy, The Board Game Knights15 Apr 2014alea, Ravensburger Spieleverlag GmbHStefan Feld2011
Pirates! Card Game, Preview Ryan Metzler14 Apr 2014(Self-published)Jules Prick2014
Splendor Tom Vasel10 Apr 2014Space CowboysMarc André20148