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Episode # 84 has been posted!
Episode # 84 has been posted!

Now before everyone has a heart attack - I KNOW the audio quality of Sam and I is bad - fortunately it's a minority of the podcast.  I cleaned it up as best I could - and will switch back to the old setup next week until I can figure out what's going on.

In this show, we listen to a promo for the new AH game show, and continue our contest for the Hill Giant and Sir Hawthorne. Mary gives the news, Moritz talks about game collections, and Jason discusses playing wargames online. Sam reviews Carcassonne: the Castle, and Mark Jackson gives us the Top Ten Kids Games You've Probably Never Played.

The Top Ten List can be found here:

Show notes:
4:50 - Two Player Marathon: Carcassonne the Castle
11:36 - Avalon Hill Game Show
14:46 - Risk comments
16:34 - SimplyFun review by Mary
19:20 - News
22:49 - Jason - Online wargames
28:05 - Moritz: Ramblecast
35:30 - Contest information
36:27 - Top Ten List

News notes:
Moritz' Notes: (Email adress for the 3M game search)
(where one can see the pictures collected so far, there one can also see Günther Rosenbaum)
link to geeklist "Illogical Inconsistencies"


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