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Now that our Kickstarter campaign is wrapping up, we have extra promos! If you would like to donate to the Dice Tower, we have different rewards we can send you. If you would like to get promos, please either leave a note in the Paypal, or email me separately at Also, due to higher shipping costs, each promo is a little more for those outside the USA, my apologies! If you want mutliple promos, please add the donation amounts together and let me know.

Either way, thanks so much for donating to the show!

Promos available:

To support us at anytime you can use the Paypal links below

Mage Wars Promo Pack Akira

Mage Wars Promo Pack Circle

Mage Wars Promo Pack Acid

Poker Chips

Promo Pack of Cards (including a tile for Neuroshima Hex)

Rumble in the House/Dungeon Promo

Sheriff of Nottingham Promo Pack

- $14    
- $18    
- $22    
- $23    
- $24    
- $28    
- $30    
- $39    

No matter what, thanks so much for helping us out, it keeps the costs of putting out the audio and video podcasts. We hope you've gotten some use out of them. THANKS!!!!