Support the Dice Tower!!

Now that our Kickstarter campaign is coming to a close, we have found that we have some extra promos! We are holding some promos back, due to making sure we can fix any logistical mistakes - but the following list is available - check back periodically to see if we add anything! We will give one promo out for each $12 donated to the Dice Tower. International folk, please add $5 for shipping (one time, regardless of the numer of promos you want.)

Promos available:

  • Kickstarter 2013 Mage Wars promo Pack
  • NEW 2014 Mage Wars promo pack
  • Pair of dice (current colors - purple or pearl)
  • Set of Summoner Wars promo cards

Paypal Links Below

- $12    
- $15    
- $20    
- $25    
- $30    
- $35    

No matter what, thanks so much for helping us out, it keeps the costs of putting out the audio and video podcasts. We hope you've gotten some use out of them. THANKS!!!!