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Posted on October 17, 2017 - 3:05pm.

In this episode, it's all about the upcoming Spiel fair in Essen Germany!   We talk about the Dice Tower plans for the show, give some tips and ideas for attending the show, and then dive in, with all four of us giving our top ten games we are looking forward to at the show!

Posted on October 10, 2017 - 11:27am.

In this show, we talk about  7th Continent, One Night Ultimate Alien,  The Dragon and Flagon, NMBR 9, Bunny Kingdom, and Seafall.   We also hear a tale of horror, answer questions about if Kickstarters spam backers, and end the show talking about our favorite one vs. many games!   Russ Wakelin from the D6 Generation joins us!

Posted on October 4, 2017 - 11:37am.

In this show, we talk about Tesla vs Edison: Duel, Azul, Samurai Gardner, Castles of Burgundy Dice Game, London, and Okey Dokey.   We also talk about a few new apps, and how people (you!) feel about digital app integration with physical games.

Posted on September 26, 2017 - 10:53am.

In this show, we are joined by Rebecca Thomason and talk about Wizards Wanted, Paper Tales, Bob Ross: the Game of Chill, Potion Explosion Fifth Ingredient, Orleans Trade & Intrigue, and Rialto.  We also hear a tale of hurricanes, how to learn games from Geoff, and answer a few questions, including how to house rule games.  Finally, we talk about our favorite games for creative people.

Posted on September 19, 2017 - 9:11am.

In this episode, we talk about Lisboa, Word Slam, Apocrypha, and Flipships.  In "Take My Money", we cover Legend of Korra, and we go back to talk about Pastiche and Kahuna.  Finally, Mandi and Suzanne end the episode answering questions from our listeners!

Posted on September 9, 2017 - 9:38am.

As you're undoubtedly aware, much has slowed to a crawl here at the Dice Tower. Because of a majority of the Dice Tower crew being located in Miami, FL the staff has been forced to flee the area. As a result, Dice Tower content will need to be suspended for about a week. We apologize to the fans and promise to return to normal activities just as soon as possible.

Posted on September 5, 2017 - 7:34am.

In this show, we talk about Scott Pilgrim's Precious Little Card Game, Caverna: Cave vs. Cave, Four Seasons, Mini Park, Custom Heroes, and Word Domination.  We also discuss a few games on Kickstarter, a couple game apps, and talk about how price affects our decisions for buying board games.

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