Top 100 Games - 2006 Edition!

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This is my second list of my top one hundred games of all times.  My first one was done in response to a request for a lecture at GameCon-1 in Malaysia, December 2005.  I enjoyed doing it, and so decided to make it an annual event.

Why make a list of my favorite 100 games?  Is there really that big of a difference between # 37 and # 43?  I make the list because I just enjoy them, in general, and because I think that others may get a chance to see what games I think are the best - the ones that I would keep around if I could only have 100.  I spent quite a bit of time on this list, and yes, I do think that game # 37 is better than #43.  I think the differences are very slight, of course - and would gladly play any of these 100 games at any time.

Note:  These games may not match up with my current ratings at  They may not match up with my feelings in a month or so.  But for now, here is a snapshot of my favorite games - and a few comments on each.  If I've written a review on the game, then you can find a link to it by clicking on the title.  You can also purchase many of these games by clicking on the picture.

Looking at last year's list, several games fell from the top 100.  These are not bad games - but just didn't make the cut.  The list includes:
Settlers of Catan
Starfarers of Catan
Mississippi Queen
Fearsome Floors
Talking Tango
Cloud 9
Succession: Intrigue in the Royal Court
10 Days in the USA (series)
Doom: the Board Game
I'm the Boss
Queen's Necklace

None of these games are bad games, and along with other favorites, such as Quest for the Dragonlords, Pentago, Mall of Horror, Mission: Red Planet, Kanaloa, Mykerinos, Beowulf, Pompeji, Dynasties, For Sale, Gifttrap, and Zendo - they were sadly cut from my list.  In fact, I considered making my top 200!  But really, that might stretch the bounds of silliness.

I doubt that there is a single person on earth who would agree with my list of games.  But I think that I can safely say that the quality of games in these top 100 is top notch, and that you won't go wrong with most of them - although your mileage may vary.

It's interesting to see the companies that make up the list.  Rio Grande leads the pack with over twenty tiles, followed by Fantasy Flight and Days of Wonder, which both have ten.  Z-man Games, Mayfair, and Warfrog follow behind that - although I also have several games that are either self-produced or are the only game by their company.

When it comes to designers, Reiner Knizia has a whopping eleven titles on the list, followed by Martin Wallace and Bruno Faidutti - both with seven; and Wolfgang Kramer and Alan Moon - each with six. 

I hope that you enjoy this list, and I'd love to hear your feedback on it!  If anyone is interested in making a Geeklist with these games - I would highly enjoy that, and reward you with Geekgold for doing it - but please email me first, so as to make sure you're the first one.

Enough jabbering - on to the games!!

P.S.  Pictures used with permission from FunAgain games