Top 200 Games - 2007 Edition!

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  Intro (please read!)

And once again, I've decided to make my top 100 games list, just like last year, and the year before.

I originally started doing this because I was asked to for a games conference in Malaysia, now I'm just doing it
because I find it fun and fascinating.

Originally, I put the list out in November/December, but I've moved it up to September if only because I'm busy doing several other things in the Christmas season.
  Putting the list together is a bit of work, but this year I really worked to get it as close to what I wanted as possible.  I wrote each game's name on cards, and then compared each game to every other game to put them in a definitive order.

Definitive order, you may ask?  How can you be sure that game # 34 is better than game # 37?  Well, they just are in my opinion, which certainly has wild changes at times.  I'm not trying to say anything about these games amongst the general gaming populace, these are simply MY opinions.  I'm trying to match up my opinions with those I have at BGG, but they may not match up exactly.  Take these as the accurate ones.

Speaking of ratings, let it be known that I've played 1300 games.  Just because a game hasn't made my top 200 list here, doesn't mean
that I don't think it's good!  There are hundreds of other games that I enjoy and recommend.  These are simply what I determine are the best of the best!  I once had someone get upset because a game that I recommended wasn't on my top 100 list.  These are simply MY favorites.

My biggest criteria for picking games is simply how much fun the game is.  I like games from almost all genres, although you'll find few war games, and no roleplaying or CCG games on the list - although I do enjoy them from time to time.  Each game is listed, with a link to its entry at Funagain if you click the picture.  Clicking on the name of the game will bring up my full review of the game, if one is available.  I've also included short thoughts on the top 100 (doing all 200 would have taken much longer - perhaps I'll do it in the future).

There have been some major changes from last year, although most shifts are due to new games being added to the list, or are simply minor movements.  The biggest change is that Caylus is off the list completely, being knocked off by Pillars of the Earth and Caylus Magna Carta.  Tigris and Euphrates also took a large drop, as did Age of Steam.  I finally decided which of the Commands and Colors series was my favorite, and my top ten shifted just a bit more. 

Well, I'm sure I'm going to get feedback on the list, and you are certainly welcome to tell me what you think.  A Geeklist is or will soon be up about the subject, and you can sound off there. But enough blathering,