Top 200 Games - 2008 Edition!

  Intro (please read!)

And once again, I've decided to make my top 100 games list, just like 2007, 2006, and 2005.

In 2005, I was asked to put together a list of my top 100 games for a board game conference in Malaysia.  I was a fan of top ten lists at the time, but it never occurred to me to put together my top 100!  However, I spent the plane ride there writing down and making the list from memory.  I was fairly happy with it, and decided to post it onto the 'net to see if anyone would find it interesting.

Apparently enough people found it interesting, as it became the most popular section of this website, and remains so until this day.  I decided to keep making the lists as the year went by, and last year, I made two changes - went to my top 200 games, and moved the list from December to September.

Some thoughts on the list.

1.)  I've played 1500+ games, which is a decent amount.  The top 200 of that list is the top 13% of games that I've played.  So just because a game is # 200 on the list, does not by any means mean that I think it's a bad game.  Far from it!  I think every game on this list is an excellent game.  I have not gotten rid of any of these games, and have no plans to do so in the near future. 

2.)  I made the list by putting each game's name on an index card that I thought might make the top 200 (I believe I had 280 names in total).  I then shuffled the deck, and compared two random names, putting the one I liked better on a "winner" pile, and the other on the "loser" pile.  I then took each of those piles, doing the same thing.  Eventually, I had piles of piles, and put them in a row, until they were small enough that I could compare groups of five, and then put them in place.  This is the best way I've come up with, and while it takes a while, it's fun to compare games.  Because of this, I can say that I certainly like # 38 more than # 39, although the differences are minor, and my opinion of which game to play is also always affected by who I'm playing with and the situation, etc.

3.)  Some changes are major on the list, but most are minor, and just because a game dropped down a few notches, doesn't mean I suddenly dislike it - it's only because new games have been inserted on the list.  And even when a game dropped down a ton of notches, it doesn't mean I dislike it, I just don't enjoy it AS much.  If a game drops completely off the list - well, then I may have had a bigger change of mind.

4.)  When looking at the top 100, some interesting statistics occur.

- Fantasy Flight is apparently my favorite publisher, followed by Rio Grande, Z-man Games, Days of Wonder, Hasbro, and Eagle Games.  But even so, there are quite a few small publishers on the list, which gives me hope for new publishers.

- With designers, it's a different story.  Knizia wins here (although I still don't think he's my favorite designer), followed by Martin Wallace, Bruno Faidutti, Alan Moon, and Wolfgang Kramer.  There are tons of designers that I simply enjoy.

- Themes are easier to pinpoint.  Fantasy wins the day, although that's simply because there is more fantasy games available than science fiction, which is my true favorite.  A few abstract games have made the list, but theme is very important, especially in the top ten.

Well, I'm sure I'm going to get feedback on the list, and you are certainly welcome to tell me what you think.  A Geeklist is or will soon be up about the subject, and you can sound off there. But enough blathering, on to the lists.

I'll be posting them in groups of five, starting from # 100, and working up to # 1.

To the Games!

# 100 - 96

# 95 - 91

# 86 - 90

# 81 - 85

# 76 - 80

# 71 - 75

# 66 - 70

# 61 - 65

# 56 - 60

# 51 - 55

# 46 - 50

# 41 - 45

# 36 - 40

# 31 - 35

# 26 - 30

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# 16 - 20

# 11 - 15

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