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How to Play Marvel Codenames in 3 Minutes - The Rules Girl

In this double feature, the Rules Girl takes a look at both Marvel Codenames and Disney Codenames. Playable with both pictures or words featuring your favorite Marvel characters, and featuring a couple of unique playing modes, this version of Codenames is perfect for a Marvel fan!

When you're done with our Marvel Codenames tutorial, check out part 2 and learn how to play Disney Codenames, featuring a smaller grid and no assassin.

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How to Play Cat Lady in 3 Minutes - The Rules Girl

The Rules Girl takes a look at Cat Lady, a set collection game of cantankerous kitties for 2-4 players. In Cat Lady, you and your fellow cat ladies draft cats, food, toys, and more. The goal of the game is to win, and you win by collecting the most victory points, typically earned by feeding your cats and collecting sets of cards like catnip or costumes.

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Speakeasy Blues Teach & Play

In this week's Teach & Play, Michael and Mandi try to run the most successful Speakeasy by gaining favour from various mob families and the cops, getting celebrities into their clubs, and amassing valuable collections, in Speakeasy Blues, by Artana Games.

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