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General questions -
Tom Vasel - (President)
Eric Summerer - (Co-host of Dice Tower Podcast / Show Host)
Zee Garcia - (Boardgame Reviewer / Video Editor)
Sam Healey - (Boardgame Reviewer / Video Editor)
Roy Cannaday - (Video Editor)
Jason Levine -
Mandi Hutchinson - (Co-host of Dice Tower Podcast)
Suzanne Sheldon - (Co-host of Dice Tower Podcast)
Rob Searing - (Web Manager / Dice Tower News Manager)
Lindsey Friend - (Marketing Manager)
Kenny Sardina - (Office Manager)
Chris Barr - (Video Editor / Composer)
Crystal Pisano - (Show Host)
Ambie - (Boardgame Reviewer)

Review Policy

If you are interested in having your games reviewed, by all means contact us! We'll look the game over, and consider reviewing it.    Reviews can result in a written or video review, a review on the show itself, or a session report on the Dice Tower. While a review is not guaranteed, but you can look at our track record to see our output - we put out 1000+ reviews in 2015!  We have a whole team of people reviewing games for us - and try to have the right person review each game.   We make no promise to review every game we get, but we will certainly consider it, and we have multiple reviewers who like all sorts of games!  

We will, understand, review games honestly, so when you send a game to us you are taking the chance that we will be negative towards the game.  Our first priority is our viewers and listeners.

Unfortunately, because of time constraints, the main Dice Tower team does NOT review prototypes, or games that are currently on Kickstarter.  We do offer a paid preview service, if you are interested in that, please contact us.

We also do not review Gamecrafter or other print-on-demand games at this point, our apologies!  Once the game is published and available through distribution channels, we would love to look at it.  There are plenty of other reviewers who will take a look at games going up on Kickstarter - we are busy enough with published games!

If you want a review by the Dice Tower crew, email us at and let us know about the game!