Dice Tower Team Members

Tom Vasel

President, Chief Reviewer, Podcast Host

Eric Summerer

Podcast Host, Voiceovers

Zee Garcia

Video Reviewer and Editor

Roy Cannaday

Production Chief

Lindsey Friend

Marketing Manager

Mike Dilisio

Video Reviewer and Editor

Chris Yi

Video Reviewer and Editor

Wendy Yi

Dice Tower Librarian

Camilla Cleghorn

Video Reviewer and Logistics Manager

Sharon Madden

Dice Tower East Director

Timm Metivier

Dice Tower West Director

Jason Levine

Dice Tower Cruise Director

Kenny Sardina

Business Manager, Dice Tower Retreat Director

Mark Streed

Lead Game Previewer

Ella Ampongan

Game Previewer

Bryan Drake

Video Reviewer

Matthew Melissa Makak

Video Reviewer

Stella Jahja & Tarrant Falcke

Game Playthroughs

Luke Prior

Newsletter Editor