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April 9, 2018
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Today we’re speaking with Max Davie, a paediatrician in the UK who treats a lot of kids with ADHD or autism. He sees a lot of kids who use screens A LOT and wants to share some common-sense advice on screen time. Max’s video we keep referring to: Should parents reduce screen time, and are board games a good alternative?

April 2, 2018
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Happy Easter! Did you come up short looking for games that would work for your whole family this holiday weekend? Andrew and Anitra suggest 8 games (or types of games) that can work well across several generations. What we’ve been playing: Funky Chicken (see our video) Sundae Split Fairy Tile Justice League: Road Trip (we won’t link to it. You

March 26, 2018
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Today, we interview Jay Peak, host of 15 Pieces of Flair and Peak Your Interest. Let’s pique YOUR interest with our picks for prettiest games! Jay does a segment called 15 Pieces of Flair on Throat Punch Lunch (a biweekly Dice Tower video). In 15 Pieces of Flair, Jay shows how to make decorations for your game room. Some easy,

March 20, 2018
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Did you know that you can have a fundraiser centered around GameWright games? We just ran a GameWright GameNight for the third time, and we’ll tell you all about it. What we’ve been playing: Terraforming Mars Funky Chicken (from Happy Planet / North Star Games) See our Facebook live video of our family playing Funky Chicken. It is ridiculous, but

March 13, 2018
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This past weekend, The Family Gamers attended Granite Game Summit in Nashua, NH. We give you an overview of what we played, plus three interviews with designers and publishers! Giveaway But first, congratulations to the winners of our survey giveaway! The Ecret Family (CA) The Nelson Family (OR) Elena in Southern California The Mercer Family (GA) The DeVries Family (central

March 5, 2018
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We talk with the kids about losing. Losing can be frustrating and hard! What have our kids have absorbed from our lessons on being a good loser?

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February 26, 2018
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We’re talking this week with Ryan & Erin Gutowski and Ric White, the people behind One Board Family website. Why do they play games? What are a few of their (and our) favorites? This podcast episode happened because of a football bet. Andrew bet Ryan that the New England Patriots would beat the Jacksonville Jaguars in the playoffs. We’re glad

February 20, 2018
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We’re revisiting the topic of two player gaming. Plus, two items of news that will affect board gamers across the United States. What we’ve been playing: Brew Dice Silly Street Zitternix Quoridor Gobblet Gobblers Smash Up The Grimm Forest Dinomals Kingdomino Keyflower Video games: Claire finally beat The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker and has started playing The Legend

February 12, 2018
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We interview Josh Patton, Josh Wegner, and Theresa Wegner. The three friends created Animo, a card game currently on Kickstarter. Animo was born out of a desire to create something beneficial for their kids. They were especially interested in trading cards (baseball, football, Pokemon, etc.) and even memorized many of the attributes. These parents wanted to turn this around to

February 6, 2018
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Welcome to the Family Gamers Podcast! This week, we talk about a few of our favorite role-playing games, as well as what we’ve been playing, backtalk, and Andrew’s most recent “for science!” adventure. What we’ve been playing: Bärenpark Magic Maze Sticky Chameleons “Strike a Pose” prototype Cursed Court – by Andrew Hansen, published by Atlas Games Stroop Crosstalk Ancestree Viral