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The To Die For Games crew hails from Ottawa, Ontario Canada and are relatively new to video reviews, but definitely not new to board gaming. We try and find ways to bring our community together and board gaming is a great start! Thanks for watching!

Mandi Hutchinson

Mandi, aka The Board Gaming Pinup Girl, adores pinup fashion, all facets of gaming, and brightening up the world with vibrant colour (notably, through her ever-changing hair). She is an accomplished make-up artist, entrepreneur, and media personality. Mandi is both a girly girl and a card-carrying board game geek.

Tracy Thillmann

Tracy Thillmann, aka The Gaming Maven, is a renaissance woman. She is a dabbler of many things, with her greatest passion being board games, especially teaching board games; thus her motto “reading the rules, so you don’t have to”. She loves the little things in life, like punching the cardboard pieces in the game box, because well, she LOVES components. Bagpiper, ex-stone mason, and fantasy book lover, she is looking to take the board gaming world by storm.

Stephane Lebeau

Stephane Lebeau, The Games Teacher, is a life-long gamer. In his day job working for a large multi-national company, some of his favorite work is done in the class room, where he loves every aspect of being a "trainer". It's not surprising that in the world of board games, he derives as much or even more, enjoyment from showing people how to play a game, as he does playing games himself. If you need a hand learning a game, don't hesitate to ask him!

Paul Deveau

Paul is the show's photographer and videographer. In addition to his rugged good looks, he brings more than 40 years of photography experience to To Die For Games.

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