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November 10, 2016
Posted by Anonymous (not verified)

This episode we look at a new deck building adventure game - we are calling these types of games Deck Builder Plus. But first we look at some games we've played over the last 2 weeks :

Rolling Freight 00:30

Costa Rica 14:15

Pandemic The Cure 18:35

We then have a look back at Zombicide (25:50)

September 29, 2016
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We just got back from GrandCon in Grand Rapids, MI - so we give a quick review of the Con, but we spend most of the episode giving quick reviews of the games we played :

Tash Kalar 09:40

Night at Higsley Manor 14:12

Saloon Tycoon 23:19

Thunder Alley - Crew Chief expansion 31:27

Legends of the American Frontier 36:00

September 15, 2016
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We have a look at Flash Point Fire Rescue this week (one of the games requested during the contest). First though we have a look at a few games we've played in the last few weeks.

Railways of the World 01:40

Voyages of Marco Polo 06:24

Thurns and Taxis 13:05

Friday 20:43

September 24, 2015
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Before the Four Corners get into the discussion on Carcassonne we have a quick look at 2 games :

Chew : Case files of the FDA at 00:31

Codenames at 03:51

We then get into Carcassonne and talk about the components, strategies, and scoring. We also have a dicussion on why this 15 year old game is still going strong, and is it all down to the expansions?