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March 13, 2018
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This past weekend, The Family Gamers attended Granite Game Summit in Nashua, NH. We give you an overview of what we played, plus three interviews with designers and publishers! Giveaway But first, congratulations to the winners of our survey giveaway! The Ecret Family (CA) The Nelson Family (OR) Elena in Southern California The Mercer Family (GA) The DeVries Family (central

July 16, 2014
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Wow this episode is chuck full of people. Chris and Matt join Dan for some what have we been playing, Chris and Dan talk Marvel Dice Masters. We interview Jason Tagmire, Phillip Dubarry and Darrell Louder! We chat Thor being a Woman, and we finish up with top 3 John Cusack movies and his one BUM movie. Thanks for listening! Find us now on stitcher!

March 11, 2014
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In this show, we have another tale of Horror, and talk about Adventure Time Card Game, Hawken, Knockout, Concordia, Russian Railroads, and Coconuts.  Tom discusses his new book shelves, Brian talks about the Bottle Imp, we have another Unpub minute, Greg goes to another store, and much, much more!

March 10, 2014
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Jason chats with game designer Jason Tagmire about his games, upcoming projects, and his favorite fillers! Jason Tagmire's game design thing - Button Shy Storyteller Cards Storyteller Cards Fantasy