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Luke is 33 years old and lives in Portsmouth in the UK and has been a bone fide geek for his whole life. Starting with family board games as a child he then moved through different phases in life experiencing everything from Warhammer to RPG's to Collectible Card Games and more. 4 years ago in 2013 he returned to the world of board games after discovering how much had changed over the years through his local board game club. 
From that moment he decided to set up his own blog "The Broken Meeple" which has run since 2013 in the form of written reviews, a monthly podcast and now YouTube content featuring Top Ten's which he's a big fan of. In addition to now being the chairman of the same board game club he visited in 2013 "Portsmouth On Board" he also helps out at local charity events by offering his time teaching gateway level board games to new players interested in the hobby. This love for introducing new people into the hobby led him to contribute to Sam Healey's Throat Punch Lunch from 2017 in his segment "Starting Tile" which focuses on alternative gateway games.
Despite his love for simple board games with plenty of depth, Luke enjoys a wide breadth of genres and styles of games, but tends to really latch on to those which display a great amount of theme and player interaction particularly in the Co-operative genre. That being said, he also enjoys many Euro titles from light to heavy in good equal measure, just keep him away from the driest of Euros or anything made by Splotter - he's never afraid to share his opinion whether good or bad! 
It's no secret to those who know him that Sentinels of the Multiverse has been his favourite game ever since he returned to board gaming, thanks to his love for all things Marvel and DC in movies and TV. 
He loves a good chat and especially a good hug - find him on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. And's only a game! 

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December 13, 2017
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Join Sam and his host of contributors for another episode of Throat Punch Lunch...the show that's nicer than it sounds!

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