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Of course I started my gaming career playing lots of family style board games with my family. I was first introduced to wargames by my cousin Michael while I was visiting him when I was 11 or 12 years old. My first game was Avalon Hill’s Richtofen’s War followed closely by Avalon Hill’s Luftwaffe that fateful day. I played mostly Avalon Hill wargames all through high school.

Right after high school my gaming group and I discovered Dungeons and Dragons (the old blue book). I remember fondly pulling the numbered chits that came inside the book from Dixie cups, since we did not have any access to anything besides a six-sided die at the time.

While I was in college I discovered Avalon Hill’s Squad Leader. I was involved with a lot of playtesting and scenario design work with the old Squad Leader/Advanced Squad Leader fanzine “On All Fronts”. During this time I also continued to play Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, as well as other RPGs of the day, other wargames by various companies, as well as playing historical miniature games.

My wife Debbie and I then discovered the CCG Spellfire by TSR. We never got into Magic, but we were very involved with the Spellfire community and demoed Spellfire for TSR at GenCon.

When my wife decided to attend law school I opened a mail order hobby shop, in the days before the internet was in full swing, in order to keep my self busy while she studied. I then took the mail order business and converted it into a brick and mortar FLGS which sold a lot of Games Workshop products as well as CCG’s, wargames, board games, model kits, etc. Shortly after selling my interest in the store I became an Outrider for Games Workshop for a number of years.

Once I retired from the Outriders I began to focus back onto ASL and joined our local ASL group. I regularly attend ASLOK (Advanced Squad Leader Oktoberfest) which is held each year in the Cleveland, Ohio area.

I have been a Dice Tower listener since episode #26 and I now play a variety of games including (but not limited to) wargames, board games, card games, miniature games, and euro-games. The euro-games I enjoy playing today are thanks to the effort put forth by Tom, Joe, and Sam. Thanks guys!

My wife and I are the proud parents of the founding members of the Sam Healey fan club, and I work as the Vice President of a real estate management company.

Mark provides wargame and family commentary to the Dice Tower.

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