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Stella Jahja plays and collects board games. Maybe too many. Don’t some of us all? Is a big nerd. Stella starting off in the early days in her elementary school playing computer games, then console games. Still doing those at times, but now mainly playing board games, lots of them! Stella is an omnigamer, enjoy a variety of board games. When she is not playing board games, she enjoys video editing, read books, and watch her favourite TV shows with Tarrant.


Tarrant Falcke used to spend his spare time writing Wikipedia and following his favourite sport team. Well, not much more now; he spends his time playing board game, learning the rules and sometimes the script. Tarrant’s dry humour sometimes is part of the spice of our board game videos. Tarrant can also read upside down really well – handy to play board game.


Stella and Tarrant created Meeple University YouTube channel in February 2018, as a hobby at the time. They wanted to do how to play video so that later when they want to play the board game again, they’ll just watch their own video to remind them on how the game is played. They are striving to improve and deliver quality contents, concise rules video so you don’t need to read the rulebook. They love the challenge to create instructional video that is complete, concise, in logical order so it’s easy to understand and play. Both are very passionate about the board game industry and everyone that is involved in it. Stella and Tarrant both live in Melbourne, Australia.

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March 24, 2020
Posted by Anonymous (not verified)

Stella Jahja & Tarrant Falcke of Meeple University played Trantopia Board game from Board and Dice for a few rounds so you get the flavour of the game, in Pocket Playthrough video series.

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