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March 13, 2020
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Join us live as we play Ruination from Travis Chance & Kolossal Games!


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April 18, 2019
Posted by Anonymous (not verified)

Tom Vasel and Travis Chance play through a round of Hunt the Ravager! Kickstarter campaign goes live on April 18th, 10 AM:

April 12, 2019
Posted by Tom Vasel

Join the guys in the studio and designer J.B. Howell for a Live Play-through of Papillon, sponsored by Kolossal Games! Now on Kickstarter. Back today!

January 22, 2019
Posted by Anonymous (not verified)

Tom, Sam, & Zee play trough Merchants of Muziris with Travis from Kolossal Games.

Back the game on Kickstarter:

July 10, 2018
Posted by Anonymous (not verified)

The Designer's Panel at Dice Tower Con 2018 hosted by Kathleen Mercury!

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