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February 9, 2019
Posted by Anonymous (not verified)

This episode, we revisit some reviews we did two years ago! As they always say, hindsight is worth two in the bush before gift horses hatch. We want to start making this a recurring item, to revisit our review to games that we have previously done. How have our opinions changed in that time? Do we still own the game, or have we even played it since then?

February 2, 2019
Posted by Anonymous (not verified)

Who doesn't love dinosaurs!  Well, Dennis Nedry probably. But for those of us not eaten by dilophosaurs, welcome to Duelosaur Island, a 2-player dino-splicing, park-building game. Also, we discuss that phrase that's been going around for a while, "That's an activity, not a game." and we ask, does it really matter? Tell us what you think.

January 26, 2019
Posted by Anonymous (not verified)

We bring you our first impression of another game we got to try on the Dice Tower Cruise, Smartphone Inc. This game by Cosmodrome Games has people buzzing, but should you be interested in it at all? Also, does placing fruit in a brown paper bag really help ripen it? And how about player scalability?

January 19, 2019
Posted by Anonymous (not verified)

We're back on land! We're exhausted after a long flight, but we organized enough thoughts to make a coherent episode. Want to know about Wingspan? It's all the buzz, but what is it really?

January 5, 2019
Posted by Anonymous (not verified)

Let's get this gingerbread!  Want to learn about Phil Walker-Harding's new game about being witches trying to lure fairy tale creatures to your house? Of course you do! On the way, why don't we talk about the mechanism of trick-taking, and share some New Year's traditions from around the world. Can you fit 12 grapes in your mouth?

December 29, 2018
Posted by Anonymous (not verified)

Teotihuacan is all the rage, and super hyped. But, is it all hot air, or is it really a good and beautiful game at a surprisingly affordable price?  Well, that may be obvious now. Why is it good? What did we do over Christmas? And what makes an important game?  Find out this week, on Meeple Overboard!

November 17, 2018
Posted by Anonymous (not verified)

We're joined by Nikki Valens, a fantastic game designer who has made classic games while at Fantasy Flight Games including Eldritch Horror, Mansions of Madness 2nd Edition, and now Arkham Horror 3rd Edition. She is an advocate for inclusivity in games and has some more projects to tease now that she is a freelance designer. Check out her great insights.

August 9, 2018
Posted by Anonymous (not verified)

Join us for a Blender episode that tackles dream-like games!

0:00 - Intro
2:00 - 2 Player Showdown (w/ Rebecca & Hunter)
4:54 - Retro Boardgame Corner (w/ Asdruval)
8:26 - Respect Your Elders (w/ Zee)
13:36 - Table for Two (w/ Rafa & Callie)
16:38 - Guess the Game Covers
17:09 - Bickering Over Board Games (w/ Kailie & Brett)