Dice Tower Network Podcast: The 20 Minutes of Filler Podcast

The 20 Minutes of Filler Podcast covers tabletop gaming in small proportion. Hosts Jason Kotarski and Andy Lenox dig into those great little games known as "fillers" in 20 minute bursts. Featuring game recommendations and designer interviews, Jason and Andy are set to raise the profile of quick, easy to teach, portable games that fill in the gaps between sessions of Agricola and Twilight Imperium.

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The 20 Minutes of Filler Podcast Episodes


On a trip back from Protospiel Milwaukee, Jason chats with Jeff Large from Happy Mitten Games and Rob Couch for the Building the Game Podcast about some of their favorite filler games.


Jason and Andy discuss the Spiel des Jahres (German Game of the Year) and look at some of the filler games that have been honored with the award.

Spiel des Jahres Official Site




Jason chats with game designer Jason Tagmire about his games, upcoming projects, and his favorite fillers! Jason Tagmire's game design thing - Button Shy Storyteller Cards Storyteller Cards Fantasy


Jason and Andy talk about filler games on Kickstarter and recommend the classic card game 6 Nimmt! and the recent Kickstarter success, This Town Ain't Big Enough for the 2-4 of Us.


In this episode we get to know hosts Jason and Andy and their personal gaming tastes along with a look at Knizia's new classic Battleline and a newer card game from Germany called 23.



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In this episode, Jason chats with Dice Hate Me Games' publisher Chris Kirkman about some of his favorite filler games and his new line of small box card games in the "Rabbit" line.

Some of the games mentioned include:

Diner, Brewcrafters: The Travel Card Game, Pie Factory, Easy Breezy Travel Agency, Isle of Trains, The Fittest, No Thanks!, and Timeline.



For the first episode of the show, Jason and Andy discuss key characteristics of "filler" games and share their experiences with Level 99 Games' Pixel Tactics and Cheaty Mages from AEG. Follow us on Twitter: @jasonkotarski @andy_lenox