All the Bits: Episode 59 - Gaming At A Distance (Featuring The Crew: Quest for Planet Nine, Chai, Blitzkrieg!, Isle of Cats and playing games at a distance)

Welcome to Episode 59 of All The Bits, wherein Shaun and Michelle find The Crew, sip on some Chai, go on a Blitzkreig!, and visit the Isle of Cats. In a big Hot Topic, they discuss gaming at a distance. What have they done or seen? What is the community doing? What works and what doesn't work. From there, it's a trip down to the Little Leagues as they visit with Monza and Monster Factory. All this and the usual antics of guessing games, drooling over bits and generally wackiness, with a very minimal amount of negativity. Come escape with us in Episode 59 of the All The Bits! Note: Some games discussed on All The Bits were provided from publishers for the purposes of reviews. **A big thank you to our show sponsor, Board Game Bliss ( A store where you can find an amazing selection of games from around the world! Bringing joy to you and your love ones! Enjoy a discount on us on your next Board Game Bliss Purchase: ATB-TAKE5OFF100 We are a proud member of the Dice Tower Network.** Like us and follow us on Facebook - Tweet us: @allthebitspod Follow us on Instagram: @allthebitspod Email us: Leave us an itunes review: Time Stamps: 4:15 Ask Me Anything 12:35 Guess The Game 22:24 PEW PEW PEW 58:22 Hot Topic 77:00 Next Up

All The Bits is a podcast variety show where Shaun and Michelle delve into the different “bits” of the board gaming world. Featuring interactive games, witty banter, component spotlights, and a heavy dose of community, All The Bits delivers a unique and fun podcasting experience.

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