All the Bits: A Huge Announcement! (Featuring Faiyum, Under Falling Skies, Cloud Age, Magical Kitties Save the Day, and much more!)

Welcome to Episode 75 of All The Bits wherein Shaun and Michelle visit Faiyum, fight aliens in Under Falling Skies, get high with Cloud Age, and become Magic Kittens (who) Save the Day! The BGG Thread Spotlight is a biggy as we look at What Makes Tabletop Gaming Special. All this, and all of our usual antics of asking pointless questions, guessing games, and drooling over bits. Oh yeah, did we mention our huge MERCH announcement?!?!? A big thank you to our show sponsor, Board Game Bliss ( A store where you can find an amazing selection of games from around the world! Bringing joy to you and your love ones! We are a proud member of the Dice Tower Network. Like us and follow us on Facebook - Tweet us: @allthebitspod Follow us on Instagram: @allthebitspod Email us: Leave us an itunes review: *Some of the games featured in this episode where provided by publishes for the purposes of a non-biased review Time Stamps! 1:54 - Our big announcement and partnership with Meeples Crossing. 7:51 - Ask Me Anything Bit 15:22 - Guess The Game Bit 24:00 - PEW PEW PEW bit featuring Faiyum, Under Falling Skies, Cloud Age, Magical Kittens Save the Day 67:00 BGG Thread Spotlight -

All The Bits is a podcast variety show where Shaun and Michelle delve into the different “bits” of the board gaming world. Featuring interactive games, witty banter, component spotlights, and a heavy dose of community, All The Bits delivers a unique and fun podcasting experience.

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