Blue Peg Pink Peg: D6G Ep 84: Flames of War D-Day, Battleship Galaxies detailed review.

In Episode 84 Raef brings us up to speed on his latest adventures with Flames of War. Specifically what do you need to play D-day scenarios and how does it change the game? Later Russ, Craig, and Raef explore the new Battleship Galaxies: The Saturn Offensive game.  From the creators of Heroscape, this isn't your parents Battleship game.  All that and our other not-too-horrible segments including:  - The Hollywood Minute - Total Fan Girl - Do You Ever Notice - & More If you'd like to discuss the show with us and others in our forum thread: .   The following fine organizations help make this show possible:  , on behalf of friendly, professional gaming stores everywhere.      ==Quick Reference== The News:   59 min Flames of War D-day:   1 hr 9 min Hollywood Minute: 1 hr 59 min Total Fan Girl: 2 hr 27 min Battleship Galaxies: 2 hr 39 min     Links Discussed in the show: Raef's Blog:  Craig's Blog: Russ's Blog:  Total Fan Girl Blog:  Pulp Gamer Network: