Blue Peg Pink Peg: D6G Ep 89: Mouseguard Detailed Review and Mulling Mechanics

It's time to get furry, grab some cheese, wear a cloak, and enter the world of Mouseguard!  The D6G crew give a detailed review of this very flavorful RPG based on the beloved comic series. But up first, it's time for another mulling mechanics.  What are the latest crop of mechanics that Raef, Craig, and Russ are finding similar across game systems?  All that and our other not-too-horrible segments including:  - The Hollywood Minute - Total Fan Girl - Do You Ever Notice - & More If you'd like to discuss the show with us and others in our forum thread: .   The following fine organizations help make this show possible:  , on behalf of friendly, professional gaming stores everywhere.      ==Quick Reference== The News:   0 hr 57 min Mulling Mechanics:  1 hr 7 min Hollywood Minute: 1 hr 57 min Total Fan Girl: 2 hr 8 min Mouseguard Review: 2 hr 17 min     Links Discussed in the show: Raef's Blog:  Craig's Blog: Russ's Blog:  Total Fan Girl Blog:  Pulp Gamer Network: