Blue Peg Pink Peg: Episode 148: Journeys in Middle Earth


During this week’s episode:

1) The Pegs discuss a great new contest, preview Orignis 2019, and review their recent game plays including Valparaíso, Copenhagen, The Ancient World 2nd Ed. and many more;

2) All the Pegs review the adventure game Journeys in Middle Earth; and

3) Look back at Argent: The Consortium.

Click here for game play photos and show notes.

NOTE: Origins discusion starts at 14:46 and board game discussion starts at 45:23.

To access the direct download, click here.

Certain of the aforementioned reviews derive from a copy of the reviewed game which was provided by the publisher, free of charge.

1:00- Lord of the Rings Trivia; 6:50- Gloomhaven Contest; 14:31- Mash Up, Meet Up; 18:23- Stronghold/Indie Boards and Card Demo; 21:12- Origin’s Tips; 45:18- Copenhagen; 50:20- Valparaíso; 56:17- The Ancient World; 1:04:10- Notre Dame; 1:08:52- Corinth; 1:14:42- Anthelion; 1:20:40- Harper’s Bazaar: Bubble Tea; 1:27:10- Harper’s Bazaar: Roll For Your Life Candyman; 1:30:20- Harper’s Bazaar: Attraction; 1:34:00- Dwellings of Eldervale; 1:40:00- Sovereign Skies; 1:41:29- Game Toppers Contest; 1:44:29- Origins Preview: Undo; 1:46:38- Origins Preview: Pipeline; 1:48:50- Journeys in Middle Earth Rules; 1:54:40- Journeys in Middle Earth Review; 2:34:50- Argent ReRoll