Blue Peg Pink Peg: TGT On Topic 218: 2020 Kickstarters

This week we look back at the Kickstarters we backed in 2020.  Or more accurately Kitty and Chris do and Fletcher tells us why he doesn't use Kickstarter.  We also start talking about some Christmas traditions and end with a debate on D&D alignments. If you want to bring in the new year with the destruction of the Death Star, start your Disney plus version of Star Wars: A New Hope at 10:02 and 43 seconds New Year's Eve night.  (That'll make sense once you've listen to the start of the episode.) You can see all the drawings for the contest entries here: Go to to learn how to be part of our live audience. Follow us on twitter or Facebook Chris's facebook (let him know you're a listener in the friend request): Join the conversation on Board Game Geek Support us via Patreon