Dice Tower Network Podcast: Board Game Blitz

Board Game Blitz is a 30-minute-or-less podcast by three ladies with varied and diverse taste in board games, Ambie, Cassadi, and Crystal. In each episode, we talk about games we've been playing, games that relate to that week's chosen theme, and explore the etymology of a word related to board games.

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Board Game Blitz Episodes

In this special episode, Ambie and Crystal answer a bunch of questions from listeners! Announcements: 0:40 Q&A: 1:52 Outro: 45:28 Bloopers: 46:40 For the list of questions, see the complete show notes at http://www.boardgameblitz.com/posts/215/episode-90-q-a
Ambie and Crystal discuss TransAmerica and The Quacks of Quedlinburg: The Herb Witches. We then talk about some games we don't play enough and why it's hard to get them played, and Crystal goes over the origins of the word 'rare.' Recent Games: 0:47 Games We Don't Play Enough: 8:29 Board Game Etymology - 'Rare': 23:49 Outro: 25:52 Bloopers: 26:56 TransAmerica: https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/2842/transamerica
Ambie and Crystal discuss Mr. Face and Nine Tiles Panic. We then list off our top 5 games we played before we discovered modern board games, and Crystal goes over the origins of the company name 'Hasbro.' Recent Games: 0:47 Top 5 Pre-Hobby Games: 13:30 Board Game Etymology - 'Hasbro': 31:37 Outro: 32:49 Bloopers: 33:53 Mr. Face: https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/267945/mr-face Nine Tiles Panic: https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/279869/nine-tiles-panic

Ambie and Crystal discuss Mahjong, Mountains, and Cartographers: A Roll Player Tale. We then talk about board games using nature as a theme.

Recent Games: 0:42
Nature Games: 16:46
Outro: 29:45
Bloopers: 30:49 


Ambie and Crystal discuss Holding On: The Troubled Life of Billy Kerr, Trapper Keeper Game, and Kenny G: Keepin' it Saxy, We then talk about Crystal's first time at Gen Con!

Recent Games: 0:47
Gen Con Recap: 15:13
Outro: 30:45
Bloopers: 31:49


Ambie and Crystal discuss Letters from Whitechapel, Trogdor, and Gem Hens. We then talk about hype in board games and whether it's good or bad, or both.

Announcements: 0:43
Recent Games: 1:48
Hype: 13:42
Outro: 29:17
Bloopers: 30:30


Ambie and Crystal talk about a bunch of the games they played at Dice Tower Con 2019.

Announcements: 0:33
Dice Tower Con: 1:10
Outro: 31:23
Bloopers: 32:36


Ambie and Crystal discuss 1862 and The Castles of Burgundy. We then talk about why we play board games (and why we might not want to play board games).

Announcements: 0:44
Recent Games: 2:28
Why Game: 11:21
Outro: 23:44
Not Really Bloopers: 24:40


Ambie and Crystal discuss Ora et Labora and On Tour. We then highlight some games and people in the gaming community that are in the LGBT community.

Announcements: 0:41
Recent Games: 1:29
Pride: 9:18
Outro: 25:07
Bloopers: 26:20


Ambie and Crystal discuss Fickle, Animal Upon Animal, Battle Dome, and Race For The Galaxy. We then talk about some of the different board gaming awards this summer, and Crystal goes over the origins of the word 'prestigious.'

Recent Games: 0:47
Awards: 14:17
Board Game Etymology - 'Prestigious': 27:43
Outro: 28:42
Bloopers: 29:37