Dice Tower Network Podcast: Board Game Blitz

Board Game Blitz is a 30-minute-or-less podcast by three ladies with varied and diverse taste in board games, Ambie, Cassadi, and Crystal. In each episode, we talk about games we've been playing, games that relate to that week's chosen theme, and explore the etymology of a word related to board games.

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Board Game Blitz Episodes

Ambie and Crystal host the annual Blitzies for 2019 games! Announcements: 0:49 2019 Blitzies: 2:49 --Best New to Us: 5:01 --Best Roll & Write: 6:55 --Best Escape Room Game: 7:45 --Most Unique: 8:40 --Most Underrated: 10:00 --Best Solo Game: 12:25 --Best Small Box Game: 12:41 --Biggest Surprise: 12:59 --Best IP Game: 13:52 --Best Kids/Family Game: 14:23 --Most Innovative: 15:09 --Best Foreign Game: 15:58 --Top 5 2019 Games: 17:23 --2019 Looking Forward to Recap: 25:32 --2020 Looking Forward to: 28:19 Outro: 35:09 Bloopers: 36:22

Ambie and Crystal discuss City of the Big Shoulders and Fantastic Factories. We then talk about the importance of first impressions, and Crystal goes over the origins of the word 'opinion.'

Announcements: 0:45
Recent Games: 1:13
First Impressions: 12:26
Board Game Etymology - 'Opinion': 27:05
Outro: 28:05
Bloopers: 29:09

Ambie and Crystal discuss Draw Your Own Conclusions, Grand Austria Hotel, Mystery House: Adventures in a Box, and Chocolate Factory. We then talk about board game challenges and resolutions and how they can affect your gaming. Recent Games: 0:51 Gaming Resolutions: 17:33 Outro: 28:53 Bloopers: 29:48 Draw Your Own Conclusions: https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/273349/draw-your-own-conclusions

Ambie and Crystal discuss some Graphic Novel Adventures (Captive, Sherlock Holmes: Four Investigations, and Your Town), Nokosu Dice, and Fafnir. We then talk about Crystal's time at PAX Unplugged.

Announcements: 0:59
Recent Games: 2:02
PAX Unplugged: 14:03
Outro: 32:44
No Bloopers: 33:39


Ambie and Crystal discuss Tortured Cardboard, Roll Estate, and Silver & Gold. We then talk about light themes and dark themes, and Crystal goes over the origins of the word 'point.'

Announcements: 0:58
Recent Games: 2:08
Theme: 12:18
Board Game Etymology - 'Point': 33:25
Outro: 34:48
Bloopers: 35:44

Tortured Cardboard: https://www.simonandschuster.com/books/Tortured-Cardboard/Philip-E-Orban...


Ambie and Crystal discuss Unlock! Heroic Adventures and Funkoverse Strategy Game. We then talk about what the world would be like if everyone played board games, and Crystal goes over the origins of the word 'common.'

Announcements: 0:50
Recent Games: 2:05
If Everyone Played Games: 16:12
Board Game Etymology - 'Common': 32:39
Outro: 33:59
Bloopers: 35:12


Crystal and special guest host Paula Deming discuss Tussie Mussie and Ghost Stories. They then talk about the term "omnigamer" and how people define themselves in board gaming.

Announcements & Introduction: 0:45
Recent Games: 6:35
Omnigamers: 18:47
Outro: 40:14
Bloopers: 41:27


Crystal and special guest host Moderator Chris discuss Doctor Who: Time of the Daleks and ShipShape. They then talk about games that they've played or would play over a hundred times, and Crystal goes over the origins of the word 'Monopoly.'

Announcements: 0:51
Recent Games: 1:31
100 Plays Games: 17:51
Board Game Etymology - 'Monopoly': 45:28
Outro: 48:31
Bloopers: 49:52

You can find Chris at:
@tableflipsyou (Twitter)


In this special episode, Ambie and Crystal answer a bunch of questions from listeners!

Announcements: 0:40
Q&A: 1:52
Outro: 45:28
Bloopers: 46:40

For the list of questions, see the complete show notes at http://www.boardgameblitz.com/posts/215/episode-90-q-a


Ambie and Crystal discuss TransAmerica and The Quacks of Quedlinburg: The Herb Witches. We then talk about some games we don't play enough and why it's hard to get them played, and Crystal goes over the origins of the word 'rare.'

Recent Games: 0:47
Games We Don't Play Enough: 8:29
Board Game Etymology - 'Rare': 23:49
Outro: 25:52
Bloopers: 26:56