Dice Tower Network Podcast: Board Game Blitz

Board Game Blitz is a 30-minute-or-less podcast by three ladies with varied and diverse taste in board games, Ambie, Cassadi, and Crystal. In each episode, we talk about games we've been playing, games that relate to that week's chosen theme, and explore the etymology of a word related to board games.

Regular Contributors:

Board Game Blitz Episodes


Ambie and Crystal host the annual Blitzies, the special award episode for 2018 games!

Announcements: 0:38
The 2018 Blitzies: 2:47
--Best Cooperative Game: 6:08
--Most Unique: 7:33
--Best Artwork: 9:08
--Most Underrated: 11:34
--Best Solo: 13:30
--Top 5 2018 Games: 14:56
--2019 Looking Forward to: 28:26
Outro: 34:00
Bloopers: 34:55


Ambie and Crystal talk about the Dice Tower Cruise and answer some patron questions about the cruise

Announcements: 0:40
Dice Tower Cruise Recap: 2:06
Patron Questions: 15:38
--Why a board gaming cruise over a convention?: 15:50
--Was it hard to decide between cruise and game?: 19:30
--Any problems with seasickness?: 21:02
--Well I'm already on vacation so I might as well...: 23:20
--Did movement cause issues with dexterity games?: 24:09
--Was the cruise all-inclusive or did it have micro-transactions?: 25:02
Outro: 27:56
No Bloopers: 28:51


Ambie and Crystal discuss Ghost Stories and The Potion. We then talk about some thoughts on what makes a board game name good or bad.

Announcements: 0:41
Recent Games: 2:08
Game Names: 9:44
Outro: 31:10
No Bloopers (I accidentally deleted them): 32:06 


Ambie and Crystal discuss Go Away Monster and Catch the Moon. We then talk about our top 5 silly games!

Recent Games: 0:36
Top 5 Silly Games: 6:19
Outro: 33:59
Bloopers: 35:04


Ambie and Crystal discuss Tragedy Looper and Trapwords. We then talk about ways to make a welcoming game environment, and Crystal goes over the origins of the word 'welcome.'

Announcements: 0:45
Recent Games: 2:16
Welcoming Game Environment: 14:30
Board Game Etymology - 'Welcome': 28:21
Outro: 29:31
Bloopers: 30:43


Ambie and Crystal discuss Detective: A Modern Crime Board Game and Fireball Island: The Curse of Vul-Kar. We then talk about comfort games, and Crystal goes over the origins of the word 'familiar.'

Announcements: 0:45
Recent Games: 3:06
Comfort Games: 14:05
Board Game Etymology - 'Familiar': 25:01
Outro: 26:24
Bloopers: 27:37


In this special episode, Ambie and Crystal recorded together for the first time ever! We talk about our time at BGG.CON.

BGG.CON Recap: 0:28
Outro: 38:53


Ambie and Crystal discuss Cryptid, Hansa Teutonica, and Illusion. We then talk about our top 10 convention board games.

Announcements: 0:43
Recent Games: 2:30
Top 10 Convention Games: 12:27
Outro: 32:28
Bloopers: 33:33


Ambie, Crystal, and Cassadi discuss Legacy of Dragonholt, Azul, and Welcome To.... We then talk about board game charities.

Recent Games: 1:29
Board Game Charities: 12:28
Outro: 27:00
Bloopers: 28:05


Ambie and Crystal discuss The Enigma Emporium Presents: Wish You Were Here and the Stockpile app. We then talk about unique victory conditions, and Crystal goes over the origins of the word "unique."

Recent Games: 0:47
Unique Victory: 13:28
Board Game Etymology - 'Unique': 25:58
Outro: 26:51
Bloopers: 28:04