Board Gamers Anonymous: BGA Ep. 36 - Imperial Settlers, Power Grid, Endeavor, & Friday the 13th


This week Anthony, Chris, Daniel, and Drew talk about recent news from and after GenCon, along with one of the hottest games of the summer - Imperial Settlers. We also discuss Friday the 13th from Reiner Knizia, Endeavor, and a classic we were excited to finally get to the table - Power Grid. 

02:16 - Shout it from the Tabletop

10:36 - Kicking the Habit

11:17 - Acquisition Disorder Corner

19:27 - At the Table: Friday the 13th

24:38 - At the Table: Endeavor

28:26 - At the Table Classic: Power Grid

34:36 - Feature Review: Imperial Settlers

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