Board Gamers Anonymous: BGA Episode 14: Star Trek Catan & Settlers of Catan


This week Anthony, Chris, Dan, and Kim discuss the reskinned Star Trek version of Settlers of Catan from Mayfair Games, along with Oar Else, Risk Legacy and Forbidden Desert. They also discuss the continued descent into full-blown Heroclix addiction, and some of the other favorites that hit the table like Mascarade and Long Shot. 

00:10 - The Hotness News

01:16 - Acquisition Disorder Corner

07:27 - At the Table: Risk Legacy

13:50 - At the Table: Mascarade (Big Game)

15:18 - At the Table: Forbidden Desert

26:28 - At the Table: Heroclix 2x2

33:10 - At the Table: Oar Else

39:05 - Feature Review Star Trek Catan

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