Board Gamers Anonymous: BGA Episode 2 - Krosmaster Arena


This week on Board Gamers Anonymous, Anthony, Chris, Dan and Kim talk about Krosmaster Arena, Castellan, Pathfinder Card Game: Rise of the Runelords, Star Trek Attack Wing, and how Kickstarter can be both a good and bad thing for you hobby gaming budget. Plus certain hosts hit it big in a Myriad Games tournament and we discuss a game that looks great, but fizzles fast after the first round or two of play. Learn which games we'd like to burn and which are flat out addictive. 

5:39 - The Hotness News

15:14 - Acquisition Disorder Corner

29:25 - At the Table This Week (Neuroshima Hex, Chronicle, Dixit, Gloom)

59:47 - Featured Review: Krosmaster Arena

1:22 - Q&A | Goodbye

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