Board Gamers Anonymous: BGA Episode 21: Caverna & Agricola


This week Anthony, Chris, Dan and Kim discuss the hottest game on the market (and one of the hardest to find): Caverna. We also delve into our giant pile of games not yet played and revisit a couple of old favorites after a busy couple weeks of gaming. 

03:30 - The Hotness News

06:08 - Acquisition Disorder Corner

12:56 - Back to the Table: Quarriors

17:47 - Back to the Table: A Game of Thrones LCG

21:01 - At the Table: Las Vegas

24:03 - At the Table: A Study in Emerald

35:45 - At the Table: Euphoria

42:26 - At the Table: Once Upon a Time

48:17 - Feature Review: Caverna

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