Board Gamers Anonymous: BGA Episode 4 - Warmachine: High Command


This week Anthony, Chris, Dan and Kim review the brand new deck builder from Privateer Press set in the Warmachine Universe - High Command. They also get a couple of recommendations from listeners - one great and one downright painful, and they talk about Cosmic Encounter, Parade, Spyrium, Valuspa, Mice and Mystics: The Heart of Glorm, and a bunch of other games triggering that pesky acquisition disorder. 

00:40 - The Hotness News

07:06 - Acquisition Disorder Corner

24:46 - At the Table: Cosmic Encounter

31:58 - At the Table: Hey, That's My Fish!

36:10 - At the Table: Those Pesky Garden Gnomes

44:34 - At the Table: Parade

54:50 - Best Gateway Games for Non-Boardgamers 

01:08:39 - Feature Review: Warmachine: High Command

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