Board Gamers Anonymous: BGA Episode 5: Nothing Personal

This week on Board Gamers Anonymous, Anthony, Chris, Dan, and Kim review the brand new game from Steve Avery and Tom Vasel - Nothing Personal. We also discuss some of the hot new games hitting the shelves, including Wave 3 of X-Wing, Takenoko, Classic TV Batman Heroclix, and new licensed games from Cryptozoic. We also discuss how to handle gotcha games and player feelings in a gaming group and review some oldies but goodies. 
03:04 - The Hotness News
11:45 - Acquisition Disorer Corner
23:30 - At the Table: Quarriors: Quartifacts 
28:34 - At the Table: Smash Up
38:10 - At the Table: Poison
44:14 - At the Table: Citadels
53:32 - Feature Review: Nothing Personal 
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