Board Gamers Anonymous: Episode 135 - Top 10 Race Games


On this week's episode, Chris and Anthony are looking at 10 games that have unique end-game conditions. Whoever gets their first! We're talking about games built around a race - to build something, reach a destination, or achieve something first. 

In addition, we ask the listeners whether they prefer photographs or poorly made artwork in our question of the week, then dive into acquisition disorders, including Cerebria: The Inside World, now on Kickstarter, and a pair of expansions for very popular euros - The Companions of Marco Polo and Lorenzo il Magnifico: Houses of Renaissance. 

At the table this week, Anthony reviews Master of Orion: The Board Game from Cryptozoic, and Chris looks and Down Force and Magic Maze, all recent hot releases this summer. 

Question of the Week: 4:30
Acquisition Disorder: 12:3714:13
Master of Orion: The Board Game: 16:30
Down Force: 22:38
Magic Maze: 28:15
Top 10 Race Games: 32:52
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