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Board Games with Panda is bi-weekly board game podcast where Amanda and Brad talk about all the great games they've been playing and offer their thoughts on a wide range of topics that are on their mind.

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Events we’re excited about

Nerd Night - Thursday 6-midnight

Ruins of Atlantis Masquerade Ball - Thursday 8pm-midnight

Dice Tower Live - Friday 2pm

Rolling Dice & Taking Names Meetup -  5:45 on Friday, August 3


5:20 - Games Were excited about

For Sale

Alea - The Rise of Queensdale

Bezier games - Ultimate Werewolf Legacy


Day 1 - Monday

Disney springs

The Mind - 3:42

Shards of Infinity 4:04


Day 2 - Tuesday - 6:33



Day 3 - Wednesday DTC Day 1 - 11:30

Vendor Hall

Registration Line and Game Library 14:22

Nusfjord 19:27

Dinner and Ice cream - 22:42

Who Goes There - 24:54

Coimbra - 26:58

Warsaw - 28:34


This week, Amanda and Brad talk with Georgina Parsons from Holy Grail Games about Dominations: Road to Civilization which is launching on kickstarter on June 28, 2018.


5:49 - Holy Grail Games

14:00 - Dominations: Road to Civilization

23:16 - Gen Con Plans



This week, we're going over the amazing time we had at #origins2018. We talk about Holding On from Hub Games, Grimm Masquerade from Druid City Games, Welcome To... from Deep Water Games, and Reef from PlanBGames / Next Move Games. 


Origins 2018

13:19 Grimm Masquerade

17:00 North Market - Hot Chicken Takeover and Jeni’s Ice Cream

23:38 Reef

28:28 Holding On: The Troubled Life of Billy Kerr

42:51 North Market - Dinner!

46:17 Welcome To…


This week, Amanda and Brad have some good news and some bad news! They talk about Space Con 2.0 and the first Keep Gaming Indy event! There's also a new segment!


The game we couldn't think of the title is called Anomia. Thank you Andrew Smith for bringing it!


After a short break, Amanda and Brad return with an interview! This time they're talking with Patrick Leder of Leder Games about the hit Vast the Crystal Caverns, its sequel, and a bit about Root and the amazing parody trailer they did.


Want more info on Leder Games? Check out their webpage at ledergames.com.



Twitter: BoardGamePanda


It's our one year anniversary of Board Games with Panda! It's been a crazy year of lots of games. This week, we go over what we've been playing, talk about Who's Yer Con, and talk about gaming with new friends.


0:10 - Pie Town

4:36 - Monster Match

7:18 - Rising Sun

8:55 - Deal or Duel

11:53 - Exit The Game - Polar Station

13:07 - Skull

14:49 - Potion Explosion

15:58 - Concordia

17:49 - Imperius


Amanda and Brad talk with Scoot Caputo, designer of Whistle Stop from Bezier Games, about his Rocky Mountains Expansion. It was also a blast learning about the process from the beginning stages of Whistle Stop through its big debut at Gen Con.

If you want to learn more about the expansion, Scott wrote a great article over on BGG talking about his favorite parts. 


Next week, we'll be releasing our 1 year anniversary episode!!!



This week, Amanda and Brad talk with Rob Daviau about his experience designing games, the creation of Restoration Games, and their upcoming title Fireball Island that will be launching on Kickstarter on April 3, 2018.

Discussion about Fireball Island starts about 15:47.

 Kickstarter Link


This week, Amanda and Brad go over all the fun they had at IndyCon 2018, highlight Mystery of the Temples and give their thoughts on Lucidity Six-Sided Nightmares


Mystery of the Temples (Review Copy)

3:48 - Sidereal Confluence

6:45 - Forest of Fate

9:01 - Eclipse

12:47 IndyCon 2018

20:00 - Azul

20:30 - Meeple Circus

23:11 -  Sidereal Confluence at 8 players

30:00 - Custom Heroes