Board Games With Panda: BGP 002: The Board Game That Brought Us To The Hobby - Takenoko


In this episode,Amanda and Brad discuss what they've played since the last episode as well as the board game that really sparked their love of the hobby. This week, they highlight their love of the beautiful game Takenoko.

Clank! (00:32)

Scythe (01:00)

Celestia (01:30)

Orleans (02:38)

Telestrations (03:17)

Timeline: Americana (03:48)

Deception: Murder In Hong Kong (05:08)

Braintopia (06:07)

Happy Salmon (06:54)

Love Letter Premium (08:17)

Animal Upon Animal (09:33)

The Resistance (10:25)

The Blood of an Englishman (12:13)

Hanamikoji (12:37)

Betrayal at House on the Hill (12:54)

First Class (14:24)

Manhattan Project: Energy Empire (14:40)

New York Slice (15:03)

Exit: The Abandoned Cabin [No Spoilers] (18:45)

Roll for the Galaxy (20:39)

Topic Of The Week (22:29)

The Board Game That  Brought Us To The Hobby

Highlight of the Week (26:40) - Takenoko


Topic for next week: Board Game Components that we love


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