Board Games With Panda: BGP 007: Top 5 Tile Placement Games


In this episode, Amanda and Brad talk about the games they’ve been playing since Origins 2017 and present their Top 5 Favorite Tile Placement Games.

00:34 Purrlock Holmes Furryaties Trail by IDW games

01:04 Sentient by Renegade Games Studios

01:24 Nefarious by USAopoly

02:30 World Slam by Kosmos

04:30 Flip Ships by Renegade Games Studios

05:32 Island Hopper by Eagle Gryphon Games

07:41 Escape from 100 Million BC by IDW Games

10:19 Lignum by Capstone Games

12:11 Tokaido by Funforge

14:13 Hive, Quarto, Welcome to the Dungeon at Kingmakers

15:45 Dixit by Asmodee

17:06 Okey Dokey by Tasty Minstrel Games

18:46 Time Stories: Lumen Fidei by Space Cowboys

20:00 Dead Men Tell no Tales

21:56 Sagrada by Floodgate Games

25:43 Our Top Five Tile Placement Games


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