Board Games With Panda: BGP BONUS: A Dog's Life Review


This week, Amanda and Brad review A Dog's Life where you play as a dog trying to go about their business collecting bones, delivering newspapers, running away from the dog catcher, fighting other dogs, and piddling on some lamp posts.

If that sounds interesting to you, checkout our review!


A Dog's Life

Players: 2-6

Time: 30-60 minutes

Age: 6+

Weight 1.5/5


We did receive this copy from the publisher as a review copy, but we were not paid for this review. BGP has not accepted any payment for our reviews.

We have a giveaway going on from the time this posts until 11/1/17. Listen to the episode (particularly the end) to learn how to win a copy of Red Raven's Klondike Rush!


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